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Recapping our Series on Mercury Toxicity to Lead Into the Final Stage of Regaining Health - Detox!

Earlier this year, we started our series on mercury toxicity and key facts everyone needs to be aware of in regard to this critical issue.

Because this info is so important and we have had such great feedback, we’re going to continue this series to do what we can to save more lives!

If you haven’t yet checked out our posts on this topic, here are the summaries and links:

Great starting point to get the basics of what dangers to be aware of and why mercury is so toxic! Know what to do to avoid it in your life, and there is a great video link that shows some history and test results on the toxicity associated with mercury.

Amalgam fillings - mercury detox

The next article is not specific to mercury, but a companion compound at the dentist office which is fluoride. Also highly toxic to the brain, and should be avoided whenever possible. Get the fluoride facts that aid in good decision making in regard to health.

If you want to avoid the hassle and potential dangers of dental visits all together, then read up on natural practices that contribute to excellent oral health!

If you have any suspicions that you or a loved one might be dealing with health issues related to mercury then this article is a must read. You can find out the different kinds of exposure, and see what the most common side effects and symptoms are!

If you have read the evidence and are concerned about how amalgam fillings may be adversely affecting your health, check out this post to find out how a proper and safe removal is done. For almost all people with mercury toxicity, a safe removal is the difference between the path to recovery and unrecoverable side effects for direct mercury vapor exposure!

Get your body ready for change! When recovering from any prolonged health issue, the better you treat your body, the faster healing can occur. Find out which areas of the body need the most support before starting a removal of mercury or detoxing protocol.

If you prefer the most natural approach to health and you want to do your body a service by recovering and supporting it with food, then this is the information for you! Nature is so abundant all around us! We are provided with everything we need and more. Find out what the best natural sources are for the improved health to support your body when removing amalgam fillings.

The last piece of the puzzle we have yet to cover is how to detox from heavy metals.

Detoxing is a very vast subject all on its own when it comes to heavy metals/mercury toxicity. Every person's body is different, every person has a different level of toxicity, every person has different genetic factors that affect one's ability to detox.

We will be discussing the most natural ways to remove these detrimental toxins from your body.

Stay tuned!

We hope this will inspire you to do additional research and work towards the best possible health for yourself!

*This information is not intended to be medical advice; it is just shared research & experience.


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