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Must Read Before Your Next Dentist Visit: Is Your Dentist Poisoning You?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Before you make the next trip into your trusted family dentist for a cleaning or some work, make sure you know the dangers of what is being put into your mouth. 

Modern western dentists apply a variety of chemical compounds to your sensitive oral tissue. Do you really know what they're using?? 

Many people are already aware of or have heard about the potential danger of fluoride not only in dental treatments, and anesthesia, but also in the public water sources. We'll address this important chemical in an upcoming post, but if you don't already know that fluoride is a neurotoxin, then please do some research before you have this "treatment" done at your next dental visit. 

However, the danger you really need to be aware of is mercury. 

Many people might be thinking, "Mercury? At my dentist visit?" 

Yes! The most concentrated and long lasting form of mercury exposure occurs at the dental office. What most people don't know is that those dark gray fillings called Amalgams, that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have in their mouthes, are 50% mercury and 50% silver & other metals

Whether you are the person in the chair getting the poison put in or if you just happen to be a bystander in the office while others are being drilled and mercury vapor is flying through the air (video link), either way you are being exposed!

Need to knows about mercury:

1) It is the second most toxic substance on earth, right below plutonium and right above lead. We learned the hard way the dangers of adding lead into our environment back in the times of Rome, however it wasn't actually banned from household products in the US until 1970. Here we are another 40+ years later still putting an even more toxic substance than lead in our mouths!

2) Sources of mercury in our environment are solid and vapor substances such as in dental fillings, coal mining, seafood (fish, shellfish, supplements, etc) in the form of methylmercury, household objects like light bulbs and thermometers, some food additives, vaccinations for both adults and children, and last but not least our water and air supply. (Why do you think so many people are allergic to seafood? Perhaps it is not the fish but the toxic material they already have too much of in their body...)

3) There are even studies underway to show how mercury can be transferred via genetic memory (DNA). Not only do you possibly have whatever mercury you have obtained in your lifetime in your body, but you also have some of your parents', grandparents', and even great grandparents' mercury contamination!

4) Mercury is transferred from pregnant woman to their babies, not only while in the womb, but also via breast feeding after the child is born.

5) Once in your body mercury tends to settle in your stomach, kidneys, and brain the most. This causes digestive issues, toxic waste removal issue, and neurological issues for people with mercury exposure. There is a wonderful YouTube video that breaks down the effects of mercury in the mouth and body. You can access it here:

6) Mercury can effect so many different body systems that often people with mercury poisoning are accused of having mental disorders or being hypochondriacs, so therefore are ignored by the medical community. 

7) Some root canals are also filled with mercury before they are capped with a crown or a filling. 

By now, if you have read the information given and watched the video above then you are probably thinking one of two things: "OK I get it mercury is really bad and I won't be going to a dentist that uses mercury." OR, "Oh no! I have some of these metal devils in my mouth--so now what?!" 

If you are being poisoned by amalgam fillings and want them out, you have to make sure you have safe removal so that you are not exposed to more mercury vapor during that process. 

A wonderful resource for safe removal is listed on the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology website:

Also make sure that the work to remove mercury is done by quadrant with about a month in between for best recovery method. 

We hope this will inspire you to do additional research on heavy metal poisoning and work towards the best possible health for yourself! 

Cheers to your health & happiness!

*We do not share medical advice. This is shared research and experience.


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