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Q: What are your requirements for visiting The Garden of Eden?

A: ALL visitors to The Garden of Eden, including AirBnB & Hipcamp guests, prospective inhabitants, partygoers, and workshop participants are required to sign one of our documents: 








These documents must be signed and notarized before you get to the GOE. The entire process can now be done online!

Members are welcome to attend our events or to request a visit by phone or e-mail.  

Non-Members may attend on one of the guest passes of a member friend OR attend an Open House.  The Open House is the ONLY event held at the GOE open to Non-Members and is not a regularly scheduled event but will be announced on our Facebook page when the occasion arises.  


Visitors (even if they are guests of members) to our Open House will be required to present ID and sign our User Agreement before entering.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I become a member of The Garden of Eden?


A: Becoming a Member of The Garden of Eden Private Club is an easy, 4 step process that can be done online!


Step #1 Membership Application
​Complete one online application for each Individual Adult or Family Membership. 

Step #2 ​ Membership Dues
Payable online! Check out our Dues page to select the membership level that's right for you. Every person in individual or family membership must fulfill the dues. Children can be added for only $5!

Step ​#3 Online Membership Agreement
Read the instructions here for info on how to digitally sign this document.
This document must be notarized!
We offer digital notary services; add 1 notary fee per signature to your cart when you check out with your membership dues.

Step #4 Pick up your Membership Card from the GOE at your next visit!
Membership cards will NOT be sent out via mail or online.

Q: How do I apply to live at the GoE?


A: First, read the GoE Inhabitant Checklist, and if everything is True for You, proceed to apply in 6 steps. 


Step #1 Complete the Membership Process

All inhabitants must first be members of The Garden of Eden, so complete the Membership Process.


Step #2 Fill out an online Inhabitant Application 


Step #3 Pay the non-refundable $44 application donation

This can be done online or in person at The Garden of Eden.


Step #4 Interview with Quinn

Once Steps # 1-3 are complete, we will arrange an interview via phone, Skype, or in person with you and Quinn.
~ You may be asked to spend a trial period at The GOE to get a real feel for the people & place.

Step #5 Inhabitance Agreement
Read the instructions here for info on how to digitally sign this document.

This document must be notarized!

We offer digital notary services; add 1 notary fee per signature to your cart when you check out with your Inhabitant Deposit (step #6).

Step #6 Fulfill your $333 Non-Refundable Inhabitance Donation (Plus Pet Donation if Applicable) online here

The can be done either online or in person when you relocate to The GOE, per your arrangements with Quinn.

Q: Are Children Welcome?

A: Almost Always!


At our events, workshops, retreats, etc, we love to have your children come and be a part, or just to be here playing on the sidelines, enjoying the freedom and fresh air. Almost every kid who has been here has said that they want to stay here/ live here/ never leave / come back ASAP, because it is SO FUN and SO FREE!

If we happen to have an event that would for some reason not be suitable for children, we will make that very clear. You can otherwise count on our environment being very kid-friendly. 

The only times we do not wish to have children here is if there are parties with substantial vested interest and legal rights to the child(ren) who would not want the children to be at The Garden of Eden and may try to involve outside parties to interfere with their presence here. This mainly applies to those interested in staying at or living at the Garden of Eden. 

We must also caution you that under our agreements, everyone is responsible for their own safety and wellbeing while here. There are parts of our land that may be a bit dangerous for an unsupervised child, like our storage sheds. And while we do not invite children to go there, it is parents' responsibility to make sure that children are monitored and/or well informed of their responsibilities to keep themselves out of harm. 

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The Garden of Eden in Arlington, TX exists to showcase the potential of a free, sustainable, responsible, empowered existence. 

We are not a commercial business. We are an organization operating in a private capacity. All goods and services are offered by  donation to our cause. 

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