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Natural & Practical Alternatives to Toxic Modern Dental Hygiene Products and Practices

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

We just published 2 very important posts:

If you haven't read these posts, they are very important topics that we encourage you to look into.

While we try to point out dangers, we also provide solutions!

This post is meant to provide healthy, holistic, sustainable solutions to the very real problem of western dentistry through the practice of proper oral hygiene.

We will cover diet & hydration, natural toothpaste recipes, mouthwashes, and oral pulling.


Here are just a few solutions for stellar oral health:

1. Diet & hydration

An alkaline diet low in carbohydrates starves the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Most Americans follow a diet that creates an acidic internal environment where disease can thrive. Bringing the body back to an optimal pH near 7.2 can reverse many conditions, and improve dental as well as overall health.

  • Alkaline foods to increase in the diet: greens, beans, herbs, olive oil, most fruits and vegetables

  • Acidic foods to decrease or eliminate in the diet: meat, coffee, cooked foods, most grains, sugar

This is in no way a complete list, but we're going to go much deeper into alkalinity vs. acidity in upcoming posts.

Proper hydration is also key for not only oral health, but for full body thrival. Water quality is super important towards proper hydration, as all water is not created equal. Most tap & bottled waters contain fluoride!

To improve water quality, it can be filtered as well as alkalized, with either an ionizing machine or by using Himalayan salts or baking soda (which we'll get into in the alkaline/acid posts).

Brushing teeth

2. Natural toothpaste solutions

There are lots of easy, super sustainable, non-toxic recipes for homemade toothpaste! Food grade diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and baking soda are gently abrasive compounds that are not only safe to swallow, but actually confer benefit to the body AND have many other uses for health & around the home!

  • Recipe: Mix 4 T food grade diatomaceous earth, 2 T baking soda, and 15 drops essential oil (peppermint, cinnamon, or lemon are nice) with about 4 T coconut oil (or half olive & half coconut oil). You can add a little stevia if you like it sweet. Store in a jar.

3. Easy Mouthwashes

Both colloidal silver and 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (which must be diluted!!!) are good options for dissolving the biofilm on teeth.

  • To use colloidal silver: 1 drop 100 ppm colloidal silver in 1 oz water, swished in the mouth for 60 seconds.

  • To use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide: Dilute 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to water in a ratio of 1:16. Swish and gargle for 1-2 minutes. Do not swallow! This concentration is still too high for internal use.

4. Oil pulling

Coconut oil is world renowned for its antimicrobial properties, and oil pulling is an ancient practice from the Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda. It is said to improve overall health as well by pulling toxins from the body and has the capacity to remineralize teeth.

  • To oil pull: Swish about 1 T of coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes. Spit it out, as it's full of bacteria and stuff you want out of your body.

Dentists have their place, especially in emergencies, but realistically common dental practices are proven to be toxic, dangerous, and very expensive. There are holistic, natural, and cheap remedies to prevent oral problems and avoid the dentist all together! You can save not only exposure to toxins but also the cost!

We hope to inspire you to choose easy, natural, safe options for protecting your dental and overall health!

Cheers to your health and happiness!


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