Building upon a decade of success, we are now expanding to a grander scale and are selling our sustainable homestead!

The Garden of Eden is now

For Sale to fund Eden 2.0!

The GOE is 


  • 3.37 acre property

  • 3850 square foot house 

  • edge of Arlington, Texas

  • $650K (fiat or crypto)

Building upon almost 10 years of great success, The Garden of Eden sustainable community is ready to expand! Their property in Arlington, TX is for sale to fund the next stage of the project.

Despite being the target of an unsubstantiated black ops SWAT raid in 2013 that was covered by international media outlets including the Huffington Post, they have continued to grow and thrive, achieve a negative carbon footprint, and feed 40K free meals a year.  ​

The community is entertaining
offers in USD or cryptocurrency 
and intends to invest all proceeds
from the sale of the property into
​a new sustainable eco-village of a greater scale.

For detailed description of the home & property, click HERE.

The property's most unique and potentially valuable feature is the thriving ecosystem cultivated over the last decade that served as the basis for their humanitarian outreach. 


Watered by a 120 ft well and enclosed by a 30 foot tall living bamboo border along the street-facing perimeter, the property is lush and secluded, living up to its illustrious name. ​


While it is only minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and within walking distance of the Tierra Verde golf course, the property is adjacent to acres of pasture and grazing land, giving it a rural and peaceful feeling. 

This large residential acreage has a sustainable food production system developed through permaculture practices.

  The land includes:

  • many mature fruit and nut trees

  • dozens of native berry bushes

  • well established gardens with edible and medicinal perennials and herbs

  • 2 Hugelkultur mounds

  • 16 raised garden beds

  • over an acre of nutrient rich planting soil

​Special features of the 3,850 square foot main house include:

  • 4 bedroomswith double master suites

  • 3 bathrooms

  • a 2 car garage

  • a large fireplacewith mantle in the living room

  • vaulted ceilings

  • a cast iron wood burning stove in the kitchen

  • 5 unique hand-laid floors

  • many other handcrafted artistic embellishments


Other structures on the land include: 

  • a hand-built Cobb cottage currently providing steady revenue as an AirBnB rental

  • a 25 x 60 ft barn

  • 4 recycled pallet structures currently used for storage and animal housing

For a detailed description of the home & property, ​click HERE.

Founder and director of the eco-village Quinn Eaker says, 

“I am very reluctant to let go of this place because it’s the best living environment I have ever experienced in my whole life! Not only has it become dear to us through the investment of our blood, sweat, and tears, making this once barren yard into a lush Garden of Eden, but we have also made it quite tangibly valuable. We will be leaving behind a fully self-sustaining food production system that could have fed us for generations. Yet, a wealth of opportunities beckon us to move beyond the horizon of this place and on to grander projects that will ultimately be of greater service and support to more people and to our planet. Still, we hope that the new custodians of the land will appreciate its bounty and continue to cultivate it.”

Interested buyers and investors may contact Shellie 

Phone: 817-631-9972


Plans for the next project Eden 2.0 ​are currently in the works. 

This self-reliant new paradigm city space will be built with smart contract governance and have individual and family housing;
sustainable power, water, waste treatment,
and food production systems;
plus learning, childcare, dining,
and recreational facilities to support
a community of hundreds of people. 

CLICK HERE for more info and to support Eden 2.0!




7325 Mansfield Cardinal Rd

Kennedale, TX 76060

The Garden of Eden in Arlington, TX exists to showcase the potential of a free, sustainable, responsible, empowered existence. 

We are not a commercial business. We are an organization operating in a private capacity. All goods and services are offered by  donation to our cause. 

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