The Garden of Eden

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The Garden of Eden

is a members only private club:

We invite you to visit & play with us for a day, a week, a month, or longer! Get a taste of our sustainable lifestyle and get inspiration for living the life of your dreams.

ALL visitors and potential inhabitants are required to complete the membership process before coming through our gate. Our short term AirBnB or Hipcamp guests may fill out our User Agreement instead if they prefer. 

We Offer Multiple Ways to Visit:

Book a stay in our hand built Cob Cottage or charming travel trailer.

Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and get close to nature by camping on our property.

More info for those interested to inhabit The GOE.

Guest Access for All of our Visitors


We have many sustainable features on our property and invite our guests to partake of them! We do not use air conditioning in our communal areas, although this is available in private rental spaces. We use composting toilets to create dank soil that becomes vibrant plants, but we alternatively have modern toilets available too. We have an incredibly refreshing outdoor well shower that pumps cool water straight from the ground, but there is a hot shower inside available too. Please be aware that wifi is available, but it doesn't reach to a few rental areas in the back of our property.

We also grow and prepare beyond organic, world class cuisine. This is available to all guests for a reasonable donation. Food can be pre-ordered and customized or simply partaken of if and when it's desirable and convenient.

We can also provide wonderful relaxation or educational retreat experiences! From yoga and massage to gardening and amazing cooking classes, we can fully customize your stay with us to give you exactly what you seek. Please contact us to negotiate the details. 

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We have 5 cozy spaces on offer through AirBnB:

our charming Cob Cottage, a sweet travel trailer, and 3 unique private rooms in our main house!

Click here to see listing details & to make reservations through AirBnB.

This hand sculpted dwelling

combines the rustic feel of an indigenous hut with the basic comforts of modern living!

Set at the edge of the grounds of our small but busy ecovillage, the view is pastoral and quiet,

yet it's only minutes to the DFW metroplex.

Our Cob Cottage can accommodate up to 4 guests in 1 bedroom with 2 beds!

The cottage is beautiful and very private though it is simple. This is for people who want a natural and simple experience. 

There is a single private composting toilet for your convenience, and more for communal use near the main house. Alternatively you can use the shared indoor bathroom in the main house if you wish.

You are welcome to refresh yourself in our outdoor well shower in the summer or the indoor fire-heated shower if conditions permit. 

There is electricity, and we provide a space heater for winter and a small AC unit for the summer months.

We invite you to enjoy our sustainable alternatives for cooling & heating, like our outdoor well shower or hot rocks! We can provide a fan in the summer or a small space heater in the winter. 

The Travel Trailer

is cozy and private,

though it is rustic

and quite simple.

Our Travel Trailer can accommodate up to 4 guests! There is a bedroom area with a queen bed, and a pull out couch in the living room area.

As part of our ecovillage culture, we are dedicated to living sustainably, and the trailer is set up with this in mind.

Electricity runs to the trailer, but our wifi signal does not reach the back of the property where the trailer is situated. 

We provide a space heater in summer and a small AC unit in the summer months. 

There is no running water in the trailer, and the restroom facilities are a private composting toilet just outside equipped with sawdust, hand sanitizer, TP and baby wipes, plus a large pitcher of water for washing. Running water is available in the main house. You may choose to use the indoor shared bathroom at the main house if you prefer.

There is an outdoor shower powered by well-water for bathing. It is crisp and refreshing on a hot day, and brisk in any other weather. This is another excellent option for staying cool in the summer!

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We require a User Agreement for our short stay Airbnb guests.

We can arrange this private room in our main house to sleep up to 6 people!


The back section of the room is set up with a queen bed, a closet of shelving and hanger space to the side.

The front portion can accommodate multiple beds too! We normally have it arranged with a comfy seating area and twin bed to host smaller parties but can add another queen bed per your preferences. 

Space heater and extra blankets are available to keep you toasty warm in your private space in winter, and a small AC unit and ceiling fan cools the area for the summer months.

You may choose to use the shared indoor bathroom just outside this room, or can try out our outdoor composting toilet and refreshing well shower!

The shared living room AKA stove room is just down the hall from your private space. Here we have the wood burning stove that keeps us warm in wintertime, as well as seating areas and a high def TV where we sometimes watch movies together. Our wide screen LCD TV is connected to an Apple TV with Netflix available for your enjoyment.

This charming private room is in the center of the main house of our sustainable community.


A queen bed, seating area, closet, and dresser are available to you in this private space.

A bright window brings lots of natural light to the room and overlooks a small deck.

There is a ceiling fan and extra box fans available to keep you cool in summer, as well as a window AC unit. A space heater and extra blankets are available to keep you toasty warm in winter. 

As with all of our Airbnb spaces, we provide a complimentary continental breakfast for you with hot tea, seasonal fruits, a variety of organic milks & cereals, organic breads, and delicious spreads in our shared dining area.

You will have your choice of restroom facilities! We have a shared indoor bathroom right outside this room with running water, flush toilets, and a hot shower for your comfort and convenience. If you want to try the all natural route and donate your waste to rebuilding the Earth, we also have a communal composting toilet facility outside the main house!

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Because we are a thriving ecovillage, we always have many interesting people around!​


Our spaces are very quiet, but there is a lot going on. We have large gardens and many projects at most times.


There are lots of animals, bugs, and nature ​as well as enjoyable and interesting activities.

As our AirBnB or Hipcamp guest, you are welcome join in the fun with us, or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings!

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Pitch a tent and stay on our land

by booking through Hipcamp!

Click here to see listing details & to make reservations through Hipcamp

With over 3 acres of land, herb and vegetable gardens, wildcrafted foods and medicine,

chickens, and a number of families and other residents living here, the vibe in

our thriving sustainable community is wholesome and progressive.  

We do not use central heating or air conditioning in any of the structures on our property,

including the main house and spaces we offer through Hipcamp.  

There is a wash station outside the composting toilets equipped with

sawdust, hand sanitizer, rain water barrel, TP and baby wipes. 

There is an outdoor shower powered by well-water for bathing.

It is crisp and refreshing on a hot day, and brisk in any other weather.

This is another excellent option for staying cool in the summer! 

There is no hot running water, and therefore no hot showers. 

This is a natural setting so be aware there are bugs and wildlife around. We of course have mosquitoes, so if they bother you bring some bug spray. We also have fire ants in different little clusters on the property. We all walk barefoot here daily; if you choose to do that as well, be mindful of where you step.

Children love the GOE! Since there are many children already living in the ecovillage,

of a variety of age ranges, they are always happy to share their free living style of life with other kids -

not to mention the large trampoline, outdoor tree swing, or 100's of trees to climb! 

We also grow and prepare beyond organic, world class cuisine (not guaranteed for each mealtime)

on our own hand made Rocket Stoves and Cobb Oven.

This is available to all guests for a reasonable donation when available. 

We offer healing therapies such as massage, FAR Infrared Sauna, 

Reiki, reflexology, sounds healing and more by donation.
It is very hot in the summer time in Texas, so you will find the residence wear very little

and often the child run around in their birthday suits.

We have a locked gate to ensure safety and privacy for ourselves and our guests.

Visitors are free to come and go as they please; we just need to lock and unlock the gate

which will simply require a communication and a few moments to attend.

Whether you are just passing through and need a beautiful safe place to stay for the night,

or you want to fully immerse yourself in a whole new lifestyle,

the Garden of Eden is an experience you want to have!

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We require a User Agreement for our short stay Hipcamp guests.

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Living at 

The Garden of Eden

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Apply to Live Here


Many speak of dreams of living in a thriving, sustainable community based on love and freedom. Most do not have the land or other resources to actually make this happen. At the Garden of Eden, we are fully ready to embrace and support this reality. 

Those of us who are here are already living in community, doing what we love, and supporting ourselves and each other sustainably, and LOVING THIS LIFE!

We currently have simple housing available for those who wish to be here now.  We are also potentially willing to support the creation of more comfortable, inspired living structures for those who wish to participate in their building and commit to a responsible life at the Garden. We have plenty of space and building materials to provide additional shelter for any new true family. 

We expect roughly 50 hours a week of participation in return for room and board, plus all utilities, including Internet access and, most importantly, community involvement. Much more than you would be investing in us, we would really be investing in you. There is already a family of individuals here ready to share, teach support and guide those who are ready to live at this level. 

We are also willing to work with those who wish to work outside jobs  for pay, contributing mush less of their time here and more of their material resources, under a "rent" type agreement, in which money or other goods or services of value are exchanged for membership in the community. 

We have a multitude of opportunities for full-on participation here. One who wishes to work the land can spend his or her days in the garden; another can contribute to sustainable upgrades to the property. Another may wish to commit to keeping our indoor and outdoor space beautiful and providing upgrades, such as cleaning, painting, creating artwork, etc. Another can participate in our entrepreneurial expansion, for which an awesome infrastructure already exists and the right person can continue to facilitate, earning money while also supporting life here. 

Our current projects are ideal for those interested in gardening, fashion, food, marketing, many types of computer work, video editing, and more.

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For more info on living here:

Life at the Garden of Eden is very different from anywhere else in mainstream American culture, and perhaps from anywhere else in the world. 

To live here is to be consciously and deliberately dedicated to conscious evolution and to serving the shared purpose for which this community exists - creating and sharing a truly sustainable community.