​Über Dank Cafe

One of the best experiences at The GOE is our sustainable, fresh, nutritious, MOUTHGASMIC world class cuisine prepared over the open flames of our handmade earthen rocket stoves in our outdoor kitchen!

We invite our guests to order a meal from our Über Dank Cafe for an unforgettably decadent dining experience to reboot your soulful connection to well-being.

Join us to feast upon the seasonal, abundant bounties of the land at The Garden of Eden!

We can prepare any style of cuisine to fit any dietary preference including omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten or dairy free, etc. We are guided by inspiration and intuition rather than recipes, so we never make the same thing twice!


Instead, every dish is truly a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece we consider living Food Art. You can feel the love, creativity, integrity, and freedom that marinate every delectable bite!

We also offer Master Cooking Classes, in which you can join our outdoor cooking theater and learn to prepare an amazing fireside feast. Not only can you get a taste of our signature high vibe, mouthgasmic cuisine, but you will also gain insight into sustainable living, gardening, wildcrafting, and meal preparation using the overflowing, free abundance of nature!

high vibe, mouthgasmic cuisine from our Über dank cafe by suggested donation











Sunday Brunch


Please give us at least one hour's notice to prepare an amazing meal for you like you've never had before!

For a refreshing drink, we invite you to quench your thirst with our own garden fresh herbal infused waters or to try some of our Signature Superfood Eden Infused Cocktails or homemade wines!

Some examples of our seasonal Superfood Eden Infusions: 

Fig Vodka

Cinnamon Whiskey

Plum Wine

Mint Spirits

and so much more!

Signature superfood eden infused cocktails

When you make a $10 donation to Upcycling, we gift you an Upcycled glass with 3 free, spirited drinks!




7325 Mansfield Cardinal Rd

Kennedale, TX 76060

The Garden of Eden in Arlington, TX exists to showcase the potential of a free, sustainable, responsible, empowered existence. 

We are not a commercial business. We are an organization operating in a private capacity. All goods and services are offered by  donation to our cause. 

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