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🌿 Natural Methods for Detoxing Mercury ☠️ : Part II

We are publishing an important a series on the causes, symptoms, and solutions for a very serious threat to public health: mercury toxicity. 

Mercury detox Garden of Eden

While all of the entire series contains relevant and valuable information, it has been leading up to THIS post in which we will outline a natural detox protocol if you are suffering from mercury toxicity. Woohoo, we're finally here!!!

So you are ready to detox mercury with a natural method?

  1. Have you done your own research? Please take a moment to read through our previous articles and to follow the links we provide here; it is information that could very well save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

  2. Are you supporting your body for optimal elimination?

  3. Have you safely removed all your amalgam fillings and checked your root canals?

  4. Have you started health improvement steps for an overall easier detox?

If you can check off the whole list, then let's detox some mercury!!

Here is what you need:

1. Hawaiian Spirulina - 2 teaspoons per day

This algae will help pull heavy metals from the liver, brain, and central nervous system. It will also help clean up dropped metals that some other binders can't hold onto for the duration of the trip out of your body.

We suggest Hawaiian derived spirulina for its ability to prevent potential contamination issues. We recommend this brand, as it is one we have used with great success, but we always recommend you do your own research!

For more info, please read Spirulina - Pond Scum or Powerful Protein?

2. Organic or home grown Cilantro - one cup per day

As mentioned in our last post, cilantro is one of those amazing herbs that pulls heavy metals from deep stored places in your body, much of which you may have had your entire life. 

Cilantro is wonderful at chelating metals & pulling them out, but it is not the strongest binder to carry them all the way out of the body. 

3. Barley grass juice powder - 1 or 2 teaspoons each day

This beautiful plant does all kinds of wonderful things, but it is potentially the least talked about in the detox world! 

First, it works great in conjunction with spirulina to pick up as much mercury as possible. Second, pulls heavy metals from the spleen, pancreas, thyroid, reproductive system (something to check out if you are having trouble conceiving), and the intestinal tract (hello, nutritional deficiencies!!). Another little know fact about BGJP is there have been studies done showing it can even pull toxins from around a fetus while still in utero! 

Detoxing is not really recommended if you are pregnant, but if you are going to do anything, please make sure to add this to your regiment. 

Again we recommend a brand we have used with great success, but we always recommend you do your own research! You have to make sure you buy a quality brand of BGJP, because if it is farmed from a less than ideal source, you may get one that contains mold or other fungus. This is not beneficial to your health for detoxing or otherwise.

For more info, please read Barley Grass Juice Powder: Powerhouse in Detox & Nutrition

4. Wild blueberries - 1 or 2 cups per day

This is very important for people who have had amalgam fillings (sometimes called "silver" fillings) in their mouths, which are 50% mercury by weight. 

Wild blueberries will not only pull mercury from brain tissue, but it also repairs and heals gaps in tissue caused by oxidation when the heavy metals start coming out. Cultivated blueberries just don't possess the same metal drawing abilities as wild ones. 

Some people might think that organic blueberries are better than wild; keep in mind that wild grown blueberries should be naturally grown without pesticides anyway! This used to be much harder to come by, but now you should be able to find brands such as Wyman's wild blueberries in the freezer section of most stores. If you have the ability to harvest them fresh yourself from a source you trust, that is the best option!

5. Chlorella tablets or powder - 5 to 30 tablets a day (or equivalent in powder form)

Chlorella has long been known to pull and bind heavy metals in the body from many areas, but it often gets a bad rap for its ability to detox for a few reasons. 

First, it is true that chlorella is a weak binder and often won't hold the metals through the entire process of fecal elimination...unless you happen to have a SUPER clean system and are pooping 3 or 4 times a day, but this is not the case for many people, especially those sick with mercury poisoning.  

Second, because of this nonpermanent binding ability, you have to make sure you are getting the CLEANEST version of chlorella possible. Many people buy a "natural, organic" brand of chlorella without researching and they get much sicker when they start to take it. This is because redistribution is at play, not only for the mercury it picks up in your body but also what you could be getting from the chlorella itself if it grew in a mercury contaminated water source. 

So far, there is only one brand we recommend because it is the only one we have found grown in a sterile lab, far from contaminated water. It is non-GMO and is still a natural product.

For more info, please read Chlorella - Super Hype or Superfood?

6. Atlantic Dulse - 1 or 2 tablespoons a day