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🌿 Natural Methods for Detoxing Mercury ☠️ : Part I

We are continuing our series on natural methods for detoxing mercury from your system. This is a serious and extremely important process that will greatly improve your health and could potentially save your life!

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to read our previous posts on this issue. 

Many people in holistic medicine would agree that it is hard to improve upon what nature provides for us; however, since everyone is different with different factors that contribute to their current state of health, we advise everyone to look into all the options that are available when it comes to detoxing mercury.

For your information, aside from natural detoxing, some of the most common protocols for removing mercury are (in no particular order): 

  • Quicksilver Protocol

  • Andy Cutler Protocol

  • OSR

  • Wilking Protocol 

Most of these protocols still incorporate some or all of the natural methods we will continue to discuss in this series.

Quinn Eaker

The first step of any detox is supporting the body system as a whole. 

Detoxing can be very rough, depending on your level of toxicity, and the more you do to help your body help you eliminate the toxins the better. Our last post covered some basics to incorporate into your life that will greatly improve your health and aid in the detox process. Diet, fasting, rest, deep breathing, exercise, mental posture, and proper hydration can greatly benefit people without existing mercury issues as well!

Further, there are a number of nutrients and supplements you can use to support the areas of the body that become deficient while dealing with mercury toxicity: Nascent Iodine, omega oils such as 3 and 6, zinc picolinate, sulfur, selenium, methyl-B12 and Active B complex, vitamin C, digestive support (probiotics, digestive enzymes), vitamin D, and Colloidal Gold can be especially beneficial.

Read more about these nutrients and supplements here: Nutrients to Support Detox & Removal of Mercury Fillings

You can find almost all of these in natural sources such as organic whole foods, but some of them you may have to get as a supplement. If you do choose to supplement with vitamins and minerals, we'd like to remind you that as far as supplements go:

  1. There's a lot of total crap out there.

  2. You do not want synthetic sources--whole food, organic sources are best.

  3. Cost is not foolproof but is often a decent indicator of quality.

  4. Super cheap supplements from corporate chains have proven again and again to be contaminated or weak. 

There are a lot of factors to consider and plenty of research to be done if you want to take supplements, especially if you are aiming to avoid man made chemicals. 

Green juice

The next step in a detox is the process of removing toxins from tissues and eliminating them from the body. 

Here is where all that terminology from Background Information & Key Terms for Mercury Detoxing comes in handy! This info also assumes you have already removed any large mercury deposits like amalgam fillings from your body. For more info on safe removal, click here

The conventional medical method for removing mercury from the body is called chelation. The idea is that the drugs combine with the metal in the blood stream, and then both the drug and attached mercury are eliminated via the kidneys. When using drugs to eliminate, you have to pay special attention to the half life of that drug, or how long it works before the body eliminates it.  

The natural method is a similar approach, but only natural chelators and binders are used to pull the mercury from stored locations and eliminate it.

For anyone that knows anything about mercury in the body your next question might be, "Well what about all the mercury that is stored in the tissue and is not just floating around the bloodstream?" That would be an excellent question to ask! Most heavy metal poisoned people have very little in their bloodstream (which is why a blood test is not an accurate way to determine your level of mercury exposure). 

There are foods, such as cilantro, that will pull mercury from the deepest stored places, for example tissue or organs within the body. It is wonderful we have such a simple plant at our disposal to release old stockpiles of mercury, BUT you have to keep in mind you also need something to bind to that mercury so it will get eliminated from the body instead of just redistributing itself somewhere else (possibly more dangerous than where it was originally). 

For this reason, if you do any amount of research into natural methods of heavy metal detox you will see most people give extreme caution about consuming things like cilantro, chlorella, and other natural detoxifiers, as these are weak binders. If done in too large of quantities or without taking extra binders like dulse flakes, activated charcoal, or diatomaceous earth to remove the mercury, then it can cause significant damage during redistribution. We will go deeper into this in upcoming articles. 

Also keep in mind that mercury CAN settle in any area of the body, but a natural approach will have you focus on the most common areas to clear first; brain, kidneys, liver, stomach, and jaw line.


Good rules of thumb for naturally detoxing:

Start slow and increase your detox as you are able to tolerate. 

Detoxing can potentially make you feel like 💩. Your body is working overtime to get rid of the toxic load, much as it works hard to kill a cold or flu virus when you feel sick. You will feel better after the detox when your body is functioning properly again.

Removing mercury from the body is a very SLOW process if you want to do it safely. 

This is true whether or not you are using natural or chemical methods of detox. There is an old saying of medical professionals for gauging the amount of time health recovery takes: for every one month you have been "sick" (or exposed), it will take three months to recover. 

Some people reading this may have had mercury fillings for 20-30+ years! Start adding up those months and it can become daunting, but please DO NOT LET IT DISCOURAGE YOU from starting a detox! 

This is not a hard and fast rule; it is just an idea put forth so people understand it may take a very long time - possibly the rest of your life - to detox from mercury and other metals. However, during the detox you will see results as you progress and the quality of your life will increase greatly! The sooner you start for yourself or your children, the better! ANY improvement to health is a priceless for quality of life!


You do not have to take anyone's word for anything when it comes to your health. Learn as much as you can about every possible option for detoxing so you can find what works best for you. Scientific advancements provides us new information each year and should not be ignored.

If you are using natural methods to detox children, please remember their bodies function very differently than adults. 

The amount they consume is not the same, their brains are constantly developing, and they have a much easier time eliminating mercury from the brain (for such diseases as ADHD or Autism), etc.

We hope this info helps you understand the process of detoxing better and encourages to take steps towards activating your optimal health! We welcome any questions you might have.

Stay tuned for Part II, which will outline the specific steps to take for a natural detox protocol.

We hope this will inspire you to do additional research and work towards the best possible health for yourself!

*This information is not intended to be medical advice; it is just shared research & experience.


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