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Feasting on Mouthgasmic Cuisine in Our Sustainable Community

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Food is a vital aspect of life for every creature on Earth.

Here in The Garden of Eden, we honor food as a giver of life force. Through the magic of digestion, what you eat becomes the very substance of your being. Food holds very real power in its ability to nourish your body and soul, and our lives are intimately connected to nurturing food and receiving its blessings.

We grow enough food in our football field-sized garden and numerous raised beds to provide for our needs. By supplementing through wildcrafted plants, donation or trade, we have enough food resources to provide thousands of free meals a year. We feed our community more than we can eat, generously and frequently share with anyone who is hungry, and preserve the excess in our Über Dank Pantry.

You could say our food cycle begins where the last meal ends, because we use composting toilets to collect our waste to build the soil that becomes our crops. In this way, even our body’s physical waste serves the greater purpose. We are masters of turning shit to gold, and we have the dankest soil around!

The fertilizer created by alchemizing food in our bodies becomes the sustenance for the plants in our garden. We appreciate the symbiotic relationship that exists between man and nature because we are intimately connected in this cycle of life.

Cooking is a meditative practice for our Eden Knights, and they pour their love into each meal.

Year-round, we cook outdoors over wood-burning rocket stoves, grill, and cob oven--all of which we built by hand from bricks and dirt.

We dismantle and burn fence panels that were otherwise destined for the landfill as fuel.

This is one of the many ways we are able to achieve a negative zero carbon footprint, because we are alchemizing "trash" to FUEL. And it doesn't stop there--our fires create ash, which then becomes soap or fertilizer, adding MORE value to our sustainable system!

We generate an overabundance of most things, and food is no exception. We know that there’s more than enough of everything, so it is our duty and honor and privilege to share. We cook not only enough for ourselves, but enough to also feed the fireman, single mothers and their children, homeless people, local businesses, and anyone else in need.

We create hundreds--if not thousands--of unique dishes each year, without using cookbooks or formulas. We have culinary masters joyfully sharing their world-influenced expertise, and they whip up remarkable delicacies utilizing the choicest ingredients to create enticing and original flavor combinations that we get far more satisfaction out of than bland, boring, petroleum-dependent, restaurants with commonplace dishes.

We don’t buy anything at stores, including food. That means that every single delicious, nutritious mouthgasmic experience from our super sustainable outdoor kitchen bypasses all taxation, regulation, packaging, petroleum-dependent distribution, and corporate slavery that most Americans support without even thinking. This is FREE, super high vibe cuisine, and we do it every. single. day.

It is our pleasure to share this new paradigm with you!


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