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Master Artist Upcycled Flooring Workshop @ the GOE!

Drastically upgrade your DIY skillz in this artisan workshop!


Use upcycled and repurposed materials to craft a functional work of art as you will learn to lay a floor that literally makes jaws drop.


Take your new skillz home with you, and upgrade your own living space with a dramatic and remarkable effect that is an equally dramatic and remarkable cost savings over purchasing new materials and paying a master craftsman for the same results.


Learn how to create a design masterpiece worth upwards of $10,000 to your home’s value for a total materials cost of less than $200!


Check out our awesome gallery of handmade floors for a taste of the inspiring resources we use, the artisan skillz we will impart, and the amazing projects we have created that have been professionally assessed at several thousand to several TENS of THOUSANDS of $$$ each!!!

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

Multi Week Workshop

April 20 & 27

1 pm - 5 pm

Tickets $100

Your $100 donation towards sustainability secures your spot in this multi-week workshop where you get hands on experience from the artist herself. She will teach you the tricks of her trade, which include not only the manual labor of fitting pieces into place, but also the creative touch that can elevate your floor from wow to OMG!!!!!!!!

rocket stove.png
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

But wait,



You will also get a seat at our Über Dank table, where we will serve you world class, high vibe, nutritious, delicious, sustainable cuisine in a classic Eden Food Experience!

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