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Fireside feast

Gather around the fire pit and enjoy watching your fire-roasted dinner come to life!

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When the sun hits the horizon, rest in a comfy chair around our fire pit and get ready to engage all your senses in our outdoor cooking theater. Watch our chef light up the handmade earthen rocket stoves and set the pit grill to blazing. Enjoy a beer or glass of wine while the aromas of burning wood and the amazing scent of dinner is wafting through the air. Listen to the song of the sunset birds and the crackling of the burning fires. Chat with friends and hang out. Get your appetite going with a Garden Fresh Salad and just unwind. Soon your dinner will be ready.

Your mouth will be watering as you hold out your plate for our chef to load it up, straight off the embering grill. Start with Garlic Buttered Breadsticks, some smoky grilled meats, and vegetables. This meal is served with our classic baked beans and delicious fried potatoes!

Wash it all down with our herbal infused water or superfood cocktails. Finish this meal off with sweet and spiced fruits baked in coals, poured over ice cream, with a flavorful orange sauce generously drizzled over the top. This gooey, fruity, creamy dessert is paired with our own signature beyond organic, wildcrafted herbal tea.

Fresh Garden Salad and Topping Bar

Shock your palate with the true and surprising flavors of a large variety of fresh greens in your own beyond organic salad.  Enjoy with a plethora of other vegetables, herbs and artisan salad surprises, including homemade artisan vinegars from our Uber Dank Pantry and a variety of handcrafted dressings.  Every bite is a unique experience of its own, as diners are wowed by the intensity and different flavors of green, and individual bite combinations!

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Homemade Grilled Bread Sticks with a Hot Garlic Butter Dipping Sauce

Our own designer breadsticks made from yeast, then hand rolled into sticks and grilled over hot coals. Served with an herbed garlic butter sauce melted near the fire.

Grilled Meats

Any variety of marinated meats and sausages grilled over our hand-built fire pit and slathered with many possibilities of artisan sauces - like lemon balm-peach-bourbon or chipotle-pineapple mint-mango. The options include but are not limited to chicken, beef, pork, turkey, bratwurst, polish kielbasa, and local artisan sausages.

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Love’s Sweet - n - Tangy Baked Beans

Just the way grandma used to make. Legumes cooked to perfection then sauced up and baked in our handmade earthen oven.

Classic Fried Potatoes

Fried in a giant cast iron skillet over rocket stove flames, these taters are tossed with fresh garden herbs, garlic, onion, and colorful sweet peppers. A classic favorite!

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Grilled Veggies

Depending on what we have freshly available, the possibilities include (but are not limited to) zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, carrots, and wild sweet onions. Slathered with herbal olive oil, sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt, then seasoned to perfection.

Warm Spiced Orange Sauce Poured Over Fire-Baked Fruit and Ice Cream

We’ll create for you baked fruits, perhaps with apples, peaches, pears, or fresh garden figs, in a cast iron skillet over a bed of hot coals. This fruit will be served over ice cream, and topped with an Orange Sauce, spiced with the classics such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, and allspice. Served with a hot cup of our own beyond organic, wildcrafted herbal tea.

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While you are part of the world renowned

Garden of Eden vortex, please enjoy our:


Garden Fresh Herbal Infused Water

Refresh your palate with garden fresh, herbal infused water made just for you. Cultivated and wildcrafted herbs supercharge and structure our drinking water! We add a seasonal bouquet of fresh foliage for dense nutrients and tantalizing flavor.​


Beyond Organic, Wildcrafted Herbal Tea

Lemon balm and mint are great for digestion.  That’s why we always serve a hot cup of herbal tea to enjoy with your dessert. Relaxing and satisfying.


Our Own Signature Superfood Eden Infused Cocktails, Beer, and Wine

When you make a $10 donation to Upcycling, we gift you an Upcycled glass with 3 free, spirited drinks!

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