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Garden Discoveries

INDULGE in the true potency of nature - it doesn’t get any fresher than this! Join us in our wildcrafted ecosystem, lavish in the peace and quiet, feel the breeze, and enjoy the high vibe company of like-minded individuals while you learn about power plants from our garden masters!


Feast under the setting sun in our own organic garden.  This vegan-friendly outdoor garden dining experience of harvesting your own fresh organic salad provides the highest-vibe, most nutritionally dense, and optimally fresh opportunity to indulge in the true potency of mother nature. Greens are their sweetest near sunset, so it’s the perfect time to partake plant-to-mouth in the garden.

Learn to properly pick greens, then harvest your own glorious supper. Enjoy an assortment of delicious toppings, dips, and spreads to round out your salad. Also, experience various cooked wildcrafted foods while learning about edible weeds and medicine which grow free all around you. Drink away your thirst with refreshing infused waters from our wildcrafted herb garden. As a special bonus, the birds of nature will sing you their special songs while you partake in a chocolate-ly delight paired with Garden of Eden homegrown herbal tea.

When the sun hits the horizon it’s time to awaken, that is, it’s time for the ancient technique of sun gazing. Place your bare feet on the earth facing the sun. Cleanse and open your pineal gland by staring into the sunset rays. If you catch it poking through the trees it’s not so strong for beginners. Take a deep breath, meditate and feel the sun hug you from the inside.

Self Harvested Organic Salad

Shock your palate with the true and surprising flavors of a large variety of fresh greens in your own hand-harvested beyond organic salad.  Enjoy with a plethora of other vegetables, herbs and artisan salad surprises, including homemade artisan vinegars from our Uber Dank Pantry and a variety of handcrafted dressings.  Every bite is a unique experience of its own, as diners are wowed by the intensity and different flavors of green, and individual bite combinations!

Garden of Eden salad2.jpg
_gardenofeden beets.jpeg

Wildcrafted Vegetable Dish

Tasty, cooked leafy greens from wild harvested local native plants mixed with other seasonal vegetables folded into quinoa, couscous, or rice to compliment our legume dish. Enjoy information about free, organic, and local wild food that most people just mow over!  Ingredients depend on varying availability.

Legume Dish

You’ve never had legumes this good! We start with lentils, pintos, black beans, red beans, or limas are flavored with our own wild chives, onions, and spices. They're always cooked to perfection over our handmade earthen rocket stoves!


Something Fabulous with Eggs Dish

For something substantial and filling, enjoy free range eggs cooked prepared with local wild veggies and intriguing flavor combinations, such as frittatas, quiches, scrambles, deviled eggs, and egg salads.

Something Sweet with Chocolate

Because we are always creative and inventive we just never know what we will be creating. However, it's always served with seasonal fruit such as our own figs, peaches or blackberries,  then chocolate is worked in creating a consistently decadent result. Served with our own garden herbal tea.


While you are part of the world renowned

Garden of Eden vortex, please enjoy our:


Garden Fresh Herbal Infused Water

Refresh your palate with garden fresh, herbal infused water made just for you. Cultivated and wildcrafted herbs supercharge and structure our drinking water! We add a seasonal bouquet of fresh foliage for dense nutrients and tantalizing flavor.​


Beyond Organic, Wildcrafted Herbal Tea

Lemon balm and mint are great for digestion.  That’s why we always serve a hot cup of herbal tea to enjoy with your dessert. Relaxing and satisfying.


Our Own Signature Superfood Eden Infused Cocktails, Beer, and Wine

When you make a $10 donation to Upcycling, we gift you an Upcycled glass with 3 free, spirited drinks!

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