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Nascent Iodine

essential nutrient, detoxes radiation & metals, regulates the thyroid, and more!

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Our Nascent Iodine is the highest quality available!

Each drop contains 400 mcg of the exact form of true nascent iodine your body needs for maximum function.

The RDA for iodine is 150 mcg. However, our research and experience shows that the vast majority of the population is so severely depleted in nascent iodine that a much higher dose is better for most people. 

Our Nascent Iodine is very easy to take TOPICALLY: simply drop the recommended dose on your skin, such as the inner wrist, inner elbow, or base of the throat.


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Note that Nascent Iodine can be taken orally in drops of water IF you do not have metal fillings. We do NOT recommend taking iodine orally to anyone with metal fillings, because one of its incredible properties is the ability to detox heavy metals (and metal fillings are 50% mercury by weight - would be very wise to research safe removal and replacement!). 


Even 1 drop of Nascent Iodine per day is better than none! However, our recommendation for healthy people is 1-6 drops of our 400 mcg Nascent Iodine daily.

(some customers prefer to take up to 20 drops a day!)


If you have a severe sickness, disease, or virus, we recommend 10 drops taken twice a day.



4-8 drops of our 400 mcg Nascent Iodine daily


1 drop of our 400 mcg Nascent Iodine daily

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