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Everything we offer is by donation; we do not sell anything in a commercial capacity. We are a private organization. All goods and services are offered by suggested donation to our cause, and all things are negotiable. 

Our proceeds go towards feeding, housing, educating, and healing those 
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Monetary donation exchanges are much appreciated, and can be completed quickly and efficiently online! Items may be added to your cart, and we have the familiar checkout process.  

We are also happy to barter and trade directly for goods, materials, resources, and commodities! Check out our Donate page to see items we need, and contact us to negotiate an exchange using those valuables if you wish.

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Full Spectrum Health

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Receive a digital copy of Quinn Eaker's book Full Spectrum Health!

Shift your paradigm and upgrade your life. Are you ready to THRIVE???

Here is an excerpt from Full Spectrum Health:

"Health has been a really important aspect of my life for many years~

I am the sort of person who feels that if I can’t climb a mountain barefoot, I am not in good enough shape. If I cannot climb any tree, with or without branches, I am not in my ideal body. If I don't have the balance and flexibility to do a yoga pose on demand, I am out of shape. But health is different for everybody—what really matters is what we really want for our bodies and what kind of a body we really want to have. All of us are capable`*`

Our bodies are highly capable, designed in perfection~*~

Yet our bodies are subject to the environment they live in, and that environment is dictated by the consciousness within that body~

A body will not be healthy if it is abused, denied, forsaken.... One must ask one’s self.... What type of body feels good?"


This is a digital copy of the book and will be delivered as a PDF immediately to the email address you entered at checkout.

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