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Freeze Dried Sushi, 8.3 oz

In stock
Product Details

This is a very creative product indeed!

We made a lot of California-style SUSHI rolls, and we want to share our bounty with you through the joy of freeze drying!

We had fun making sushi roll variants containing classic rice and nori roll elements, with layerings of crab, avocado, cucumber, and garnishes. *These do not contain any raw fish!*

These are preserved by removing all moisture, and become crunchy little treats while preserving their original form and color. These are unique and delicious snacks straight out of the bag - this is actually one of our favorite freeze-dried delights!

Excellent for a survival situation, camping trip, or rehydrated with hot water for 10-30 minutes and enjoyed in their original form!

Each zipper-seal package contains approximately 8.3 oz of freeze dried sushi.

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