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We are also happy to barter and trade directly for goods, materials, resources, and commodities! Check out our Donate page to see items we need, and contact us to negotiate an exchange using those valuables if you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding products, orders, and shipping.

Please read this section thoroughly if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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We are glad to provide personal service, but please be aware that we are a small operation thus the demands on our time are high to attend all of our customers. Please be sure to provide your email address for live chat just in case we miss you while attending another customer, and to leave a voicemail with your callback number for phone calls. We answer inquiries as quickly as possible!

We provide lots of info about our products and how to use them, make it easy to order online, plus send you detailed order and shipping info when you place an order through our website. Giving you access to all this info 24/7 helps us serve the most people we can!


  1. How do I use hydrogen peroxide?
    There are dozens of uses for the high quality Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide we provide! You can find uses and dilution ratios on this page. You can find a very convenient chart of these uses and dilutions here.

  2. What is the self-medication protocol for hydrogen peroxide?
    You can find the self-medication protocol here. You can right click on this chart, print it, and post it somewhere convenient like your fridge for easy reference!

    The self-medication protocol suggests starting Day 1 by taking 3 drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in a cup of water 3 times over the day. It is recommended to take this on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning, last thing before bed, and an hour or so before lunch time make a good schedule.

    Then you increase your 3 times a day "dose" by 1 drop each day until you work up to about 25 drops taken in a cup of water 3 times a day after about 3 weeks (Day 1 = 3 drops in a cup of water 3X a day, Day 2 = 4 drops in a cup of water 3X a day, Day 3 = 5 drops in a cup of water 3X a day, etc).

    Let's clarify that on Day 1 you will be taking a total of 9 drops of hydrogen peroxide in 3 cups of water over the course of the day.

    Your level of health will determine what you do after reaching the high dosages. Some people choose to immediately work their way back down by decreasing 1 drop per day, while others choose to maintain the higher dose for some days, weeks, or months to fully eradicate their condition before working back down by 1 drop per day.

    Most of us here in The Garden of Eden choose to take a "maintenance" dose of 7-12 drops in a cup of water every morning and night, and we are the healthiest people we know! :)

  3. Do you include a brochure or something about using your products?
    We are very excited about sustainability and protecting the Earth, so we try to minimize our use of paper products to save the trees! Some dosage information is printed on the labels of our bottles. More info can be found on each product page (links also provided on our labels). You can find dozens of uses and dilution ratios for hydrogen peroxide on this page. You can find a very convenient chart of these uses and dilutions here .
  4. Do you ship internationally?
    We sure do! You will see international shipping as an option at checkout for all the products we can send overseas.

    The one and only thing we cannot ship internationally is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This is due to international shipping regulations, and we cannot make exceptions to this. HOWEVER, we know how great hydrogen peroxide is and want to share it with as many people as possible, so we offer an alternative:

    We provide 8% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for international shipping. This can be used for the exact same intents and purposes as 35%! Because you have to dilute it further for use, you end up with the same final concentration of product. You can see a chart of uses and dilution ratios for 8% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide here.
  5. Do you have free shipping?
    Unfortunately no we do not. Some of our products are not only heavy, but must be handled with extra care, so we include our real shipping and handling costs on all orders.

  6. How much is shipping?
    Shipping is based on size and weight of your package as well as how quickly you want to receive it. You can see the cost for your order by adding the item to your cart and walking through the check out process. You will be able to see the cost before committing to the purchase.

    We have multiple shipping options available. You can read about our Standard, Express, and 2 Day (aka Overnight) shipping options here.
  7. What payment options are available?
    We accept credit and debit cards, Paypal, and cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, BTS, Steem, SBD, Waves, and NEO). See the next question to learn more about how to checkout with these payment options.

  8. How do I place an order?
    Whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, we provide an easy online interface for placing your order!

    1. From the product page, add the item to your cart by clicking "Add to Bag". You can then choose to "Add More", or "Go to Checkout".
    2. "Go to Checkout" will take you to a new screen. (Be sure to scroll down past our header section, which looks the exact same on all pages of our website!) On this new screen, you can adjust quantity or enter coupon code on the left. If you are ready to proceed, enter your email address on the right and click Checkout. We need your email address to send you a confirmation of your order. We will also send a second email with tracking number when your order has shipped!
    3. A new section will open on the same page to enter your Shipping address. Fill it out, and click "Continue".
    4. A new section will open on the same page with Shipping Options. Select the one that is most appropriate for your needs, and click "Continue".
    5. A new section will open on the same page for Payment options. We accept credit and debit cards, Paypal, and cryptocurrency.
      1. If you select the circle next to "Credit or debit card", a new field will open up for you to enter your card number, expiration date, and CVC aka Security code from the back of the card. Enter this info, and confirm that your shipping address is the same as your billing address OR update your alternate billing address by clicking "Use Another Address". Then click "Pay".
      2. If you select the circle next to "PayPal" and then click "Pay with PayPal", a pop up will pop up on your screen to take you to the PayPal interface. Please be sure to have pop ups enabled at this point, or it will prevent the page from loading properly. Log into your PayPal account from here, and enter relevant info. Click Pay Now.
      3. If you select the circle next to "CoinPayments" then choose "Go to Payment", you will be taken to a new screen where you can select the cryptocurrency you would like to use to complete payment. Conversions are automatically made between our prices given in USD and current market value of the coin you select. Please note that you will enter relevant information on this platform, but you must complete the transaction within 2 hours by going to your wallet and successfully transferring the funds from there to the address given to you! Make sure to include enough to cover network transaction fees. If this step is not complete, the order does not go through and we cannot send product.
    6. Wait for payment confirmation, and you will be taken to a new screen with your order confirmation number! We will automatically send an Order Confirmation email to the email address you entered at checkout with your order number and details. You will get a second email to this address with tracking number when your order ships.
  9. Where is my confirmation email?
    We automatically send an Order Confirmation email and a second Shipping Confirmation email to the address you entered upon checkout. This email will be from High Vibe Health from The Garden of Eden and email address gardenofedenvortex@gmail.com. Please check your spam/junk/other folders if you do not see these emails.

  10. Where is my order?
    We send your order according to the shipping option (Standard, Express, or 2 Day) you selected at checkout. When the package ships, we send a Shipping Confirmation email to the email address you entered upon checkout. This email has your order's tracking number, and you can use it to watch your shipment via USPS.com as it makes its way towards you!

  11. What is the refund, return, and exchange policy?
    Please read our Return Policy here.
  12. Do you offer wholesale discounts?
    Yes we do! We offer bulk discounts starting at 10 units of a given product. Please see each individual product's page to view these discounts.
  13. Do you offer products through Amazon?
    We do not nor have we ever had products on offer through Amazon. If you believe you ordered from us through Amazon or any other website, please double check the name of the company/brand on your receipt. We are The Garden of Eden and are not associated with any other organization.
  14. Do you have sales or coupons?
    We offer fair and reasonable values for all of our products and do not have sales. However, we do offer a coupon code for signing up for our newsletter. We also offer coupon codes to our customers and supporters from time to time, redeemable for discounts on regularly priced products.

  15. I entered the wrong address! Can you correct this?
    Our shipping software automatically imports the address you enter on check out so please be sure to check and double check your shipping address! Do you have an apartment, suite, or duplex number? Did you enter it properly in the shipping address section?

    If you contact us before we send out your package, yes we can correct address errors. This is a 1-3 day window depending on the shipping option you chose at checkout, so please catch any error quickly and contact us ASAP to correct.

    If your package is returned to us due to insufficient or incorrect address, we can send it to you again. However, this may incur an extra shipping cost. The first attempted delivery is the only one included in shipping cost when you check out, and if we are charged again for another delivery attempt we must ask for reimbursement for our time and cost.