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This is hand painted and one-of-a-kind tank top, fully loved by the Eden Knights!

Ladies' size small teal tank top. Purple and pink Steem logo on front and STEEMIT on shoulders.

100% upcycled
Collector's item
Can be fully customized!

We use fully upcycled resources that were otherwise destined to pollute our planet to make these, thereby alchemizing value from forsaken materials. Feel good about your contribution to our planet, help our community build a better world, and look totally EPIC while doing it!!

This is a ready to wear piece OR we can fully customize a piece to your preferences - just choose style and color of shirt, logo, & decorative accents like hearts!

All items available for USD or by SBD exchange. We create a real world market for $teem, enrich the economy, and give SBD more value as a medium of exchange by creating & offering more hand painted SteemGear items of anyone in the entire world!

To pay with crypto, choose CoinPayments option on checkout.

As with all our goods & services, our proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. Enjoy a truly sustainable addition to your collection and support a truly honorable cause!

∞§∞ Steem On ∞§∞

SteemGear Steemy Vintage Teal Tank

SKU: 58
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