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@quinneaker is at it again, ceating new Epic SteemGear and feeding people free food!

This is an awesome, one-of-a-kind white STEEM FEDORA!!! Cotton with leather STEEM logo.

You can exchange the cryptocurrency you gained from the Steem blockchain through the click of an upvote button --just for sharing your valuable thoughts!-- for unique, sustainable goods, and the GOE will pay it forward!

This steemy, stylish fedora supports feeding more healthy, sustainable meals to more people than ever before!!

We turn your upvotes into free meals, AND YOU GET @quinneaker's STEEM FEDORA from his private collection!

To check out with crypto, choose CoinPayments option on checkout.

∞§∞ Steem On ∞§∞

SteemGear Fedora

SKU: 38