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This is hand painted and one-of-a-kind STEEM cap, fully loved by the Eden Knights!

Faux suede cap with neutral tone STEEM logo on front.

This is a ready to wear piece, although we can also fully customize a piece to your preferences - just choose style & color of hat & logo!

All items available for USD or by SBD exchange. We create a real world market for $teem, enrich the economy, and give SBD more value as a medium of exchange by creating & offering more hand painted SteemGear items of anyone in the entire world!

To pay with crypto, choose CoinPayments option on checkout.

As with all our goods & services, our proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. Enjoy a truly sustainable addition to your collection and support a truly honorable cause!

∞§∞ Steem On ∞§∞

SteemGear Faux Suede Cap

SKU: 43
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