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Lightweight and practical, this high quality knife can be carried everyday and utilized for most day to day tasks.

The handmade 100% leather sheath allows for quick and easy drawing and re-sheathing of the blade all day.

As with all blades, the quality is not so much in the steel itself, but in the smithing and tempering of the steel. It is the smith who makes great steel into legendary blades. This IS a hand-crafted blade with skill and attention. It is a ONE of a kind.

The blade was first hardened up to 63HRC, then tempered down to 60HRC to give it an even solid tempering.

The hardening process is done in an automatic and controlled environment with the help of a vacuum oven for heating and nitrogen gas for quenching. The result is a high quality, reliable blade.

All the best knives are of course full tang, and this beauty is finished with a solid burl wood handle and polished brass bolsters and pins. The wood handle is cured/stabilized and made water resistant with a special treatment, so it will last a lifetime.

However, a full tang sharp blade this thick will cut through almost anything and thus is great to have at your side. It is comfortable and balanced in the hand. The lines and curvatures of the blade are not only practical for its purpose but beautiful while fulfilling it.

High-carbon steels are extremely strong but more brittle than medium-carbon steels. This composition allows better responses to heat treatment and longer service life than medium-carbon steels. 1080 High Carbon Steel is unalloyed Steel with 0.80% Carbon.

Steel that has more than 0.3 percent carbon is harder and less formable and machinable than low-carbon steel. 1080 also is forgeable and is a good choice for knives of all sizes offering a good balance of toughness and edge-holding.

This awesome blade comes with a hand made real leather sheath. Custom made fancy/special sheaths are available upon custom order.

Overall Length 8.5"
Blade 4.5"
Handle 4"
Cutting Edge 3.75"
Weight 4 oz

Lightweight 1080 High Carbon Knife

SKU: 123