This is a beautiful damascus knife with dyed wood handle that is small enough for everyday carry!

This awesome blade comes with a hand made, stamped, real leather sheath. Custom made fancy/special sheaths are available upon custom order.

As with all blades, the quality is not so much in the steel itself, but in the smithing and tempering of the steel. It is the smith who makes great steel into legendary blades. This IS a hand crafted blade with skill and attention. It is a ONE of a kind.

The pattern in the damascus is due to the folding of layers of different steel. While damascus is exceptionally beautiful, it was not made only for its beauty but also for its extraordinary capabilities. When using both strong and hard steels folded together you can get a blade that holds a sharp edge but has the strength and flexibility to keep from snapping or chipping.

Damascus steel is believed to have been derived first by the Japanese for their legendary katanas. An authentic master-forged Japanese blade would cost thousands of $$$. While this may not compare to the legendary Japanese blacksmiths, this blade is triple oil tempered to 58 HRC and made with 512 layers from 1095HC &15N20 steel. It looks beautiful and cuts nicely!

The only downside to damascus is that it is prone to rusting. This blade will come oiled and packaged, but it will require maintenance whenever exposed to moisture. Applying oil on a regular basis is wise!

All the best knives are of course full tang, this one being made of damascus steel is without a doubt eye-catchingly beautiful. The handle is cured/stabilized and made water resistant with a special treatment, so it will last a lifetime.

ALL of our knives are hand forged and we fully guarantee the materials and workmanship. We are committed to offering quality, dependable and affordable knives.

Overall Length 9.5"
Cutting Edge 4"
Overall Blade 5"
Handle 4.5"
Blade Thickness 0.25"
Weight 8 oz

Everyday Carry Damascus Knife

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