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This is a custom handmade D2 steel bush crafter hunting knife with canvas micarta handle and steel guard.

This is a big and beautiful full tang, bush crafter knife, 5mm thick, 58HRC D-2 DIE steel knife. It is slightly lower HRC than other D2 steel knives that makes it very useful for chopping.

This is a unique blade with unique cutting abilities. Its weight and balance make it easy to use, and while it does not chop as well as an axe it chops VERY well for a knife. Being D2 steel 5mm thick, you won't ever wear this blade out.

As with all blades, the quality is not so much in the steel itself, but in the smithing and tempering of the steel. It is the smith who makes great steel legendary. This IS a hand crafted blade with skill and attention.

It is sharp enough to slice paper and big and strong enough for chopping as well. The D2 steel will hold a deadly sharp blade for a lot longer than most exceptional steel blades and can even cut through bolts!

D2 steel is super wear resistant and can handle high temperatures without losing its master temper.

As with all things, there are potential down sides. D2 steel is more difficult to sharpen due to it being so hard. It is also slightly more brittle than some high carbon steel blades.

However, with a sharp full tang blade this thick, it will cut through almost anything, and thus is great to have at your side. It is comfortable and balanced in the hand. The lines and curvatures of the blade are not only practical for its purpose, but beautiful while fulfilling it.

This awesome blade comes with a hand made real leather sheath. Custom made fancy/special sheaths are available upon custom order.

This is a piece I had in my own private collection but am trading out to fund The Global Garden of Eden. Many more knives in the collection will be released soon!

Overall Length 12"
Cutting Edge 7.5"
Overall Blade 7.7"
Handle 4.3"
4 Stainless Locking pins
Blade Thickness 5mm
Weight 14.7 oz

D2 Steel Bush Craft Knife

SKU: 119
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