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*The Garden of Eden is a private club for members only, and all events held at our property require a valid membership for entry. You can make your reservation for this incredible Food Experience by making a donation towards a healthier planet, and we will gift you a membership to the GOE good for a whole year! This gives you access to not only this once-in-a-lifetime Food Experience, but ALL events hosted here PLUS our healing services and artisan goods from our Epic Threads Boutique.


We just love the flavor of curry and all the wonderful dishes we can create with it! We craft a tantalizing Curry Fusion meal to share with you. It begins with salad freshly harvested from our own organic garden then followed by our favorite Creamy Curry Chicken or Vegetables with perfectly spiced Lentils and scrumptious Lemongrass and Fruited Rice.

Use our cast iron cooked flatbread to mop up every last delicious drop of sauce from your plate.

Remember to save room for the dessert. We were really naughty with this one - creamy, rich ice cream paired with our baked fruit and warm sauce seriously jacked up with a surprising blend of traditional Indian dessert flavors. Enjoy our soon-to-be-a-classic dessert with our own traditional beyond organic, wildcrafted herbal tea.


Fresh Garden Salad and Topping Bar
Shock your palate with the true and surprising flavors of a large variety of fresh greens in your own beyond organic salad. Enjoy with a plethora of other vegetables, herbs and artisan salad surprises, including homemade artisan vinegars from our Uber Dank Pantry and a variety of handcrafted dressings. Every bite is a unique experience of its own, as diners are wowed by the intensity and different flavors of green, and individual bite combinations!

Creamy Curry Sauce with Chicken or Vegetables
Our specialty curry sauce is always satisfying whether it’s paired with meat or vegetables. This entree is created with real dairy and will be a creamy delight to remember.

We love our lentils with lots of subtle Indian herbs and our garden fresh sweet green onions. Served with our signature herbal and fruit rice dish.

Fruited Lemongrass Rice
Whether we add mangoes, bits of apples, raisins or pieces of pineapple, the flavors of this fusion dish with our own lemongrass will be a distinctive experience.

Handmade Flatbread
This hand-shaped flatbread is cooked on a hot cast iron skillet over our open flames. Served with a warmed herbal garlic ghee dipping sauce.

Ice Cream and Slow Baked Fruit with an Indian Spiced Sweet Sauce
This is serious fusion. We shamelessly blend together some of our favorites with traditional Indian flavors. There’s a good chance you could see any combination of cardamom, coconut, mint, cashew, raisins, dates, saffron, nutmeg, pistachios or whatever else we are led to blending in. As a bunch of food artists we just take the inspiration and run with it. Always luscious and delectable, guaranteed.

While you are part of the world renowned Garden of Eden vortex, please enjoy our:

Garden Fresh Herbal Infused Water
Refresh your palate with garden fresh, herbal infused water made just for you. Cultivated and wildcrafted herbs supercharge and structure our drinking water! We add a seasonal bouquet of fresh foliage for dense nutrients and tantalizing flavor.

Beyond Organic, Wildcrafted Herbal Tea
Lemon balm and mint are great for digestion. That’s why we always serve a hot cup of herbal tea to enjoy with your dessert. Relaxing and satisfying.

Our Own Signature Superfood Eden Infused Cocktails, Beer, and Wine
When you make a $10 donation to Upcycling, we gift you an Upcycled glass with 3 free, spirited drinks!

Curry Fusion Food Experience

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