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The Priceless Value of Restful Sleep

Thankfully, some of the most drastic upgrades for health are also free and accessible!


These are parts of your life that you're doing anyway, that you can just do more consciously and from a more holistic, empowered, and healthy perspective! It starts with the breath, and hydration is a major factor too. Today, we will share the importance of REST!

While food is important to overall health, how long can you go without food versus how long can you go without sleep? Eating and food alchemy matters a lot, but most people I know can survive a lot longer without food than they can without sleep.

That logically suggests that even sleep is more important than what you eat! How much more practical and simple and real can we get? No workout systems, no gyms, no supplements -- nothing that costs any money whatsoever!

Improved sleep quality can greatly improve your health and wellness. 

How many hours of sleep is optimal? You need to get up when you're tired of laying in bed! You can potentially get too much sleep, but most people don't get enough sleep. Most people wake up thinking, "I wish I could go back to sleep!"

If we're waking up tired, then we're doing ourselves a great disservice. Everyone is different on the amount of sleep they need, a lot of which has to do with the type of lifestyle they live.  A professional athlete in season needs a pretty good amount of sleep. Someone with a computer job might do fine with 5-6 hours of sleep. 

The question is what are you fully optimal at? It doesn't matter what the number is; if you're aware of a range of hours you need, then you need to make it a priority on a regular basis to get that amount of sleep! Allot that amount of time for yourself. It does not cost time, but rather saves time - you are wasting time by living in a sleep deprived inefficient state of consciousness. 

EVERYTHING is harder when you are not rested!

If you're going to live a life where you have to be at a certain place at a certain time, then it makes sense in the name of health to build your life around that schedule so you are consistently getting the amount of sleep that is optimal for your day. Working is no excuse for not getting enough sleep!

The darker the environment, the deeper and better quality the sleep. You want to have as dark a room as possible. You don't want to have TVs and lights on when you're sleeping. If you get up past dawn, you need to make sure you have curtains in that room. 

Really quiet environments are conducive for better, deeper sleep. You can have a chamber that reduces noises or get a white noise reducer or app or use earplugs. 

Another upgrade to sleep quality is to not eat for 3-4 hours before bed. Digestion is a big task energetically, and it requires a great pumping of blood. Allow enough time to accomplish that task after dinner before going to sleep.

We need more responsibility for health and wellness! Bring it back to basics: breathing properly, drinking properly, and resting properly are immediate upgrades you can implement in your life, and they are natural, easy, and FREE.

If you devote more time to these 3 things rather than going to the gym, you would actually find that you would not only save money and time, but YOU WILL BE HEALTHIER too! You can do them any time, anywhere, and they require no special machine or cost.

Cheers to your health and wellness!

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