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The Importance of Really Relaxing

Health is wealth, and we're sitting on a gold mine!

@quinneaker is far and away the healthiest person we know; he's only been sick one day in almost a decade and a half! For relativity's sake, how many doctors do you know who do not get sick?

Quinn shares his revolutionary views on health with one and all as part of an operating system we call the new paradigm. In this mindset, each individual is fully empowered and responsible for every aspect of existence. Wellness is a human birthright that anyone can access NOW.

There are basic upgrades that can be implemented immediately with unfailingly successful results. The body needs proper inputs for health, and improving these things you're already doing on a daily basis will have huge implications for your enjoyment of life. Breath, hydration, and sleep are super important, as is acknowledging that you are worthy and capable of achieving full thrival. These factors are also completely free! 

The next master key to health is extremely valuable:


Quinn Eaker meditation

Worry and anxiety can potentially be far more damaging to the physical systems of the body than the food you eat, yet people spend much more time concerned with their diet than with whether or not they're allowing themselves proper relaxation. 

Modern man exists in highly stimulating conditions that constantly trigger a release of stressful chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline within the human organism. In caveman days, our ancestors were more frequently in real danger, and the stress response actually enabled them to fight to defend their lives or flee to safety. Modern triggers, like traffic or an angry boss, do not pose the same imminent threat, thus the body is primed by a stress response but has no real way to direct it. With a steady flow of them, these chemicals wreak havoc on the system! 

Stress is the number one killer or ager of the human species...It seems that each year people are more and more stressed...There are more mortgages, more depression medications, more alcohol, and more overweight people every year. -- Full Spectrum Health

Chronic stress is an extremely disruptive force. It can throw sleep, digestion, metabolism, the immune system, emotions, and blood pressure off balance and lead to weight gain. The vitality of the individual drops when systems are running at subpar levels. 

You can retrain yourself to respond consciously rather than react automatically to chronic triggers, and your daily existence will greatly improve! Overall health will increase as you allow yourself time and space to decompress.

Stress management is a skill to practice if you are not familiar with it. Here are some tips:

  • Take a deep breath. It is of ultimate importance, and it makes everything better!

  • Practice yoga. 

  • Enjoy vigorous exercise.

  • Meditate.

  • Walk in nature. 

  • Have sex with someone you love.

  • Swing on a swing.

  • Scream if you need to.

  • Have a cup of tea.

Health and wellness are accessible! You don't have to go anywhere and you don't have to pay anything to activate your most radiant self! We hope to inspire you to make conscious choices to improve your existence, because everything is better when you are healthy! 


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