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Mouthgasmic RECIPES from the Garden

Food is one of the most fundamental importances in life, but it’s also an artistic process! Just as with beauty, delicious food is also in the eye of the beholder. Thus the “perfect” recipe is subjective and different to every body, whether that be because of taste preferences, dietary commitments, or allergies.

"Recipes" have to be tweaked and tailored to the individual to make truly amazing food! For this reason, we provide ingredients and methods, but not exact quantities and ratios. We like LOTS of flavor so we use lots of ingredients, but you can add more or less, include or exclude whatever you want according to your tastes. It's fun to cook from a creative perspective rather than to copy someone else’s version of great food!

We're not here to tell you what your flavor palette is. We aim - through beautiful photos and unique food formulas - to inspire you to play with your food!


  • Oil or butter

  • Tortillas: corn, flour, wheat, spinach, or exotic tortillas like cassava or yucca; can even try lavash or other flatbread

  • Protein, cooked: steak or chicken fajita meat, ground beef or sausage, deli meat, beans, scrambled or fried eggs

  • Cheese, shredded or crumbled: cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, quesa fresca, Oaxaca, goat cheese

  • Veggies, raw or cooked as you prefer: - onion, pepper (mild and/or spicy), zucchini, yellow or butternut squash, eggplant, corn, mushrooms, tomato

  • Sprinkley sprinkles: garlic powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, Himalayan pink salt (be mindful that cheese tends to be salty already), cumin, nutritional yeast, paprika, chili powder, cilantro, parsley, thyme, oregano

  • Creamy shmears: chimichurri sauce, hummus, garlic mayo

  • Zippy surprises: Dried fruit, kimchi or sauerkraut, candied jalapeños, pickled banana peppers, cranberry jelly

  • Garnishes: salsa, guacamole, sour cream, chopped herbs, hot sauce


  1. Spread one side of both tortillas with oil or butter. Spread the other side of one or both tortillas with your choice of creamy shmears.

  2. Place one tortilla, buttered side down, on a skillet or griddle, grill, or baking sheet. Top with cheese, meat, veggies, sprinkles, and surprises to your taste!

  3. Add more cheese and top with the other tortilla, buttered side up.

  4. Cook until bottom tortilla is golden brown and cheese starts to melt.

  5. Flip, and cook until other tortilla is golden brown and filling is nice and hot and melty.

  6. Cut into wedges and serve with garnishes!


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