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How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Carpet Stains

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide has an incredible number of healthful uses in the body and around the home!

This is one of the cheapest and most useful substances we have found for increasing health, so we want to tell you about it! 

  • Food grade means it is safe for ingestion as well as household use.

  • The high concentration is caustic at full strength. It must be handled with care - we suggest wearing gloves. It may cause chemical burns if you get it on your skin, but flush thoroughly with water and there will be no lasting damage.

  • The high concentration must be diluted for use, but this makes it a cost effective solution for a range of applications.

  • The brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide you find at drugstores has a concentration of 3%. While you can dilute it, you can't make it any stronger. It's great for topical uses, but is not safe to ingest as it contains stabilizers and other compounds. 

We're going to share just one amazing use for 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in this post: REMOVE STAINS FROM CARPET!

You can remove organic stains like food, pet stains, blood, wine, grass, and mud from carpets by using diluted hydrogen peroxide! 

This works best on light colored carpets, because hydrogen peroxide could discolor darker carpets. You can color test your carpet in an inconspicuous area before using it on a large or prominent spot.

Here's how to use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to remove carpet stains:

  • Remove any debris from the carpet using a brush or vacuum. 

  • Dilute 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in a ratio of 5/8 cups hydrogen peroxide to 7 and 3/8 cups water to make 1/2 gallon.

  • Spray the stained carpet area thoroughly.

  • Let stand for a few minutes.

  • Brush or scrub the spot with a sponge to help it get to the depths of the fibers.

  • Blot with a towel. 

  • One application is often all it takes to remove the stain! For more stubborn stains, respray and let set for a few hours before removing.

Cheers to your health & happiness!


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