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How to Use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to Deodorize Carpets

Garden of Eden Diatomaceous Earth deodorize carpets

Food grade diatomaceous earth has a number of healthful uses around the home and in the human body.

Diatomaceous Earth

Today we want to let you know that

Diatomaceous Earth can also deodorize carpets!

Carpets get stinky after years of regular household use and spills, pets, and moisture. 

Diatomaceous earth is filled with the fossilized remains of phytoplankton called diatoms, whose bodies are rich in silica. Silica is extremely porous and absorbent, making it perfect for deodorizing carpets. It's super simple to use!

How to use Diatomaceous Earth to Deodorize Carpets

You can spread DE over your entire carpet or just on the smelly parts. Consider using a face mask. While food grade DE is relatively safe for ingestion, it is very dusty and it's not enjoyable to breathe in clouds of dust. You can also cover surfaces and furniture you do not want to be dusty.

  • Spread food grade DE on the carpet (you can use something like a sieve if you have it) and work in with a broom.

  • Leave on for 24-48 hours. The longer the better for particularly odorous areas.

  • Vacuum it up. Note: silica particles are very fine, and it could damage the filter in a standard home vacuum. Consider using a shop vac or industrial vacuum. 

  • Repeat as needed.


That's it!! It's an easy solution to freshen your home, plus it's super cheap. Between this and its dozens of other uses, we make sure to have it on hand in our household at all times. 

Cheers to your health & happiness!

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Food grade DE has much less silica in it which is one of the things that make it food safe. With the small percentage of silica would it still be as effective as non-food grade DE?

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