Hydrogen Peroxide for Thriving Health

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Hydrogen peroxide is a truly incredible substance with many uses for good health!

Science first discovered hydrogen peroxide in 1818, when a Frenchman accidentally created it as a byproduct while making barium oxide from barium salts. [1

Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in:

Rainwater--As rainwater falls to the earth, the ozone layer contributes one oxygen atom to water molecules, naturally forming hydrogen peroxide. [2] Today, the air is so polluted that most of the hydrogen peroxide reacts with air-borne toxins and never reaches the ground.

Lungs, gut, and thyroid; breast milk & colostrum; peroxisome structures of cells--many reactions in the body produce hydrogen peroxide. Enzymes break down excessive amounts, supplying a great source of cleansing oxygen to the system.




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