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Ginger Sesame Salmon with Asparagus

Mouthgasmic RECIPES from the Garden

Ginger Sesame Salmon with Asparagus



  1. Marinate salmon filets overnight or up to 2 days in ginger sesame marinade, garlic powder, black pepper, pink salt, wasabi powder, and brown sugar.

  2. Heat butter in a skillet, and sauté asparagus.

  3. Nestle in salmon filets, skin side up.

  4. Flip salmon filets when partially cooked through, making sure skillet is nice and hot so the skin becomes crisp.

  5. Drizzle salmon and asparagus with leftover marinade, and cook through until asparagus is tender, filets are flaky, and salmon skin is crisp.

  6. Serve hot, topped with crumbled blue cheese and sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.


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