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Getting Wet, or The Importance of Proper Hydration

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Full spectrum, radiant health is available to everyone; we share info to make it accessible.  

Today, master of health @quinneaker addresses the importance of hydration.

The human body is some 70% water, and it serves many purposes:  

  • regulates body temperature

  • transports nutrients

  • encourages glowing skin

  • flushes waste products through sweat and urine

  • moistens tissues and lubricates joints

  • fundamental to digestion and metabolism

A well hydrated body is a healthy body, and a dehydrated body is a weak and aging body. 

If you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated!  Caffeine, excess amounts of sugar, and alcohol are diuretics; they  cause cells to release their water to flush out the stimulant. Smoking  or breathing dry air also causes dehydration. Cooked foods use water to  break them down, thus less is available for other functions. We have to be careful and responsible when consuming these things. Hydrate after taking them in, so you can get that enhancement in fluidly without the crash. Heavy sweating through exercise or exertion requires rehydration as well. 

When hydrating, there are a few things worth consideration:

A. Water quality

All water is not equal. There’s a huge difference between drinking water out of the faucet or a plastic bottle versus drinking out of an artisan spring or a fresh flowing river or from a banana leaf in the rain forest.

Bottled water has less regulations than municipal water. Consider that;  municipal water is some nasty stuff, and bottled water is even grosser, and people are drinking this thinking they're hydrating themselves with pure drinking water! Reverse osmosis and distillation will remove impurities and yield pure drinking water, but that’s not necessarily the best. Even filtered water is stripped of life force; it is flat and dull. Minerals and potentially living organisms are removed from it. At the Garden of Eden,  we add beyond organic herbs from our garden to our filtered water every single day to activate and restructure it for optimal quality.

Garden of Eden activated water
We add garden fresh herbs to activate our filtered drinking water every day.

B. Maximizing Absorption

Water has surface tension, and there's a scale of surface tension ranges. High surface tension is hard water and is less absorbable than water with lower surface tension. If you can do something to decrease  the surface tension (using something like a water alkalinizer or ionizer), you make yourself "wetter", more absorbable water!


You can also add a few drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide  to your water to make it "wetter", plus it super oxygenates your blood!  It's cost effective and can be used daily, but it must be food grade.  The most important times to hydrate are upon waking and right before bed;  you've got to have an empty stomach to really properly hydrate. For  proper cellular uptake, hydration must be balanced with food  consumption.  

Hydration needs to be more important than our breakfast and our  lunch and our dinner. Don't eat unless you're properly hydrated! If you  are already dehydrated and you eat something, unless it's pure raw fruit or vegetables, you're dehydrating yourself further!

Unless you've taken precautions to properly hydrate, to wake up in  the morning and have a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee, YOU'RE AGING! Wrinkles and grey hair are direct results of dehydration at the cellular level.  

Aging is not so much a natural process as it is a cause and effect. Aging is directly correlated to the lifestyle of the creature.  The more conscious, empowered, holistic that creature is, the more  radiant, strong, agile, and energetic that creature is gonna be! 

Quinn Eaker

Use your intelligence wisely! Proper hydration is a super simple, easy, accessible upgrade to health and wellness. 


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