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Every Body Needs Loving: Valuable Wisdom for a Thriving Life of Health and Wellness

We want to inspire you to upgrade your health!

Full, radiant health is available to all, and we are brining you some easy and accessible yet profound tips towards your most thriving self.

Breathing is the most important factor towards upgraded health, followed by hydration and rest. This is extremely basic and extremely approachable for everyone! These are things that you're already doing, but with a little more conscious awareness towards them your quality of life will be highly upgraded.

Whereas standard health advice often begins (and ends!) at diet and exercise, the healthiest person we know has a unique perspective:

For me, health is not about food or diet or supplements or exercise. It is not about anything except my relationship with my body. I feel like, for me, my body is like a close friend, but it is not actually me. To enjoy a really beneficial and powerful relationship with my body, I have to respect and honor it. I treat my body like a best friend or a life partner. I listen to my body. I honor my body's desires and needs. I don't have rules; I eat what I want to eat, and I do what I want to do. -- @quinneaker

Quinn Eaker

Intimate communion with your body means you have to #1 recognize and #2 heed your body's signals. If you are thirsty, drink! If you are tired, sleep! If you are stressed, meditate! If you are hungry, eat! This is a supreme level of responsibility. 

Health is really about an awareness with your body.

One has to first correctly identify their body's needs, then supply the proper inputs. It's not uncommon that signals are misinterpreted and dysfunctional options are substituted. Thirst is often misidentified as hunger, for example, or food becomes a stand-in for emotional comfort, then the eater feels guilty, and the cycle perpetuates. 

The norm in our society is to disconnect the individual from their own innate flow of life at a very young age; we are constantly taught to turn to external authorities and grow up with doubt and fear towards our own abilities. To be truly healthy requires an exploration of consciousness, and an openness and willingness to heal.

When you truly respect and truly honor your body, you respect it as the vessel of pure potential that it is and respect its cues in support of your own best interest.

When you develop that awareness, that clarity, that relationship with your body, from a place of respect and honor and love, then your true desires simply shift to more life-giving nourishing foods and life choices regarding health. ~ Full Spectrum Health

An extremely potent tip towards achieving your ultimate health is to honor and love your body!

Learn to trust its signals, and learn to take care of yourself. If you don't hold that mindset, then the question worth asking is why not? It is the natural state of being human, but there are layers of conscious and unconscious programming that get in the way of this connection. Address them!

Once you choose to love yourself, once you choose to express your fullest, most radiant self, then significant shifts will naturally occur. Truly, you have the time and the opportunity and the ability to practice self-love and self-care. 


  • meditatingtaking a bath

  • going for a walk

  • practicing yoga

  • using aromatherapy

  • reading a book

  • writing in a journal

  • making music and art

  • getting enough rest

  • drinking water

  • breathing deeply

  • having a massage

to activate your self-care practice. 

Health and wellness are more enjoyable, natural, and fluid than the pharmaceutical industry might have you believe... 

We hope you are inspired to explore and commit to your most radiant self! 


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