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Easy Hollandaise Sauce

RECIPES from the Garden

This luxurious, decadent sauce is wonderful served over Eggs Benedict (classically composed of a poached egg layered on Canadian bacon on top of an English muffin, and prominently drizzled with Hollandaise - but you can substitute a variety of meats or breads). This sauce is also amazing over veggies like asparagus or fried potatoes, or fish like tilapia!



1. Melt the butter, and allow to cool slightly.

2. Add the egg yolks to the pitcher of a blender.

3. Then the blender on, and slowly stream in the melted butter.

4. Add lemon juice to brighten and lighten the flavor, cayenne to balance the richness with some spice, and blend for another few seconds.

5. That's all there is to it!! Pour it (generously!) on top of your favorite dishes, and sprinkle with paprika (adds a beautiful contrasting color!) or black pepper as desired.


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