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Colloidal Silver Is Antibacterial & A Safe Treatment for E. Coli

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

We want to share the successful tools for wellness we have found so that everyone may be healthy and happy!

We find COLLOIDAL SILVER to be a safe, effective remedy for a host of diseases and ailments. E. coli is just one such bacteria that is no match for Colloidal Silver:

Colloidal Silver Eradicates E. Coli!

Over 700 types of Escherichia coli have been identified, many of which are harmless or even beneficial to humans. Shiga toxin producing E. coli (STEC), however, really freaks some people out because it causes “approximately 100,000 illnesses, 3,000 hospitalizations, and 90 deaths annually in the United States”, as well as who knows how many milder cases and food poisonings that are unreported each year.

Symptoms of E. coli infection:

  • Stomach cramps

  • Gas

  • Bloating

  • Diarrhea that may turn bloody

  • Vomiting

  • Fever

  • Fatigue

E. coli can pass from animal-to-person, person-to-person, or via contaminated foods and surfaces. It is a common hospital-acquired infection. Children and the elderly are particularly at risk of E. coli infection.

There’s really nothing to worry about though, because colloidal silver kills E. coli too! Colloidal silver is a safe antibacterial that is effective against a range of pathogens, and it is particularly quick at eradicating E. coli infections.

Here’s a link to how silver kills bacteria.

And here are testimonials from satisfied users of COLLOIDAL SILVER:

We went out to eat with my in-laws, and later that evening I got extremely sick. My stomach hurt, and I almost couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough. I was racked for a good hour until my wife found me and made me take colloidal silver. I felt relief within 10 minutes. ~ David O.

I got food poisoning after a barbecue. It was not pretty. I took 10 drops of colloidal silver under my tongue, and it got better super fast! ~ April S.

I’ve had food poisoning before, and I would not want to go through that again. The last time I felt the stomach cramps with diarrhea start, I took colloidal silver right away. The cramps went away and I didn’t get diarrhea again! ~ Meredith K.

After any bout of food poisoning, it makes sense to supplement with a probiotic or fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut.

We will continue to share the super healing power of COLLOIDAL SILVER in upcoming posts to bring awareness to the proven options that exist for activating health and wellness! 

Cheers to your health & happiness!

*We do not share medical advice. This is shared research and experience.

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