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Candida Cleanse: Week 1 vs. Week 2 pH Results

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

We followed a protocol using 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine to safely, effectively, gently, and relatively quickly eradicate candida overgrowth, and we want to share our success!

Candida Cleanse Garden of Eden 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine

One of the significant data points we are tracking during our candida cleanse is our urine pH measurements for each day. 

Our recent post highlighted the importance of maintaining an ideal pH to optimize health, so we are recording the pH of our urine in the morning and night. 

This chart shows a comparison of our week 1 to week 2 urine pH measurements:

This is our combined AM and PM urine pH test results. We did see an overall increase in pH  (more alkaline aka good)  during week 2, though not as drastic as we expected. We will do more analysis of our data to help us understand why, but as we can see the most common pH during week 2 was indeed a little bit higher than the most common pH during week 1. 

We expect that following a diet based in whole fruits & veggies, leafy greens, and squash that temporarily eliminates sugar, wheat, meat, and dairy will increase a person's pH. It is known that some foods that are much more alkaline than others (check out our previous post for more info) and when you are incorporating enough of them into your diet, it is easy to keep your pH within a much better range for optimal health.

We saw an increase in pH during the first week while everyone followed the turpentine protocol and observed the diet, but a slight decrease during our weekend "off" days when people indulged a bit. In other words, everyone became more alkaline while taking 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine and following the diet, and more acidic on the off days.

It will be worthwhile to take a closer look at each individual's diet during week 2. Did everyone stick strictly to the diet during the second week?

We have all agreed to report our experience honestly, so we can analyze that information and report back. If we experience higher levels of candida die-off, will that increase or decrease our pH? These are just a few questions that are worth consideration as we continue to sort through our data. 

Health is very important and candida is a big and common problem. We are committed to extensive research and compiling data on this community-wide experiment so that we can share these results for the betterment of mankind!

We hope this will inspire you to do additional research and work towards the best possible health for yourself! 

Cheers to your health & happiness!

Candida Cleanse Garden of Eden 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine

*This information is not intended to be medical advice; it is just shared research & experience.


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