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Candida Cleanse: Pooing Is Primo 💩

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

We followed a protocol using 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine to safely, effectively, gently, and relatively quickly eradicate candida overgrowth, and we want to share our success!

Candida Cleanse Garden of Eden 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine

One of the many benefits of doing our anti-candida cleanse is that we're making A LOT of compost!

Take a look at how much we pooped in just our first week:

This is great! Nothing like some top notch regularity for optimal health. 

Before beginning a detox, it's important to get the channels of elimination flowing properly, because killing off pathogenic organisms often releases lots of toxins that you want to expel from your body as quickly as possible! 

Rapidly killing off candida in your body creates a metabolic reaction that releases over 70 different toxins into your body. ~ source

Gotta get that gunk out! 

In a previous post, we offered some tips for getting things flowing before undertaking a detox like this that includes changing the diet and properly hydrating.

While we are following the this protocol, we are basing our meals in fruits and vegetables and eliminating sugar, meat, dairy, and wheat. This will not only starve candida of its favorite food, but it also helps keep things moving as quickly as possible through the digestive system! All that fiber pushes things right through the bowels. 

Pooing is primo.

We began this experiment by taking a few days to adjust our diet to prep our bodies for the protocol - everyone was pooing at least once a day. Now we're noticing increased poos while following the anti-candida diet, and especially when we're taking 100% gum spirits of turpentine

We take turpentine first thing in the morning, and find that our second and third poos of the day are often of a different consistency than the first. 

And honestly, it smells like pine trees. :) 🌲

We don't see a big change in the color, usually brown but sometimes greenish - presumably from our plant based diet.

We're not afraid of any kind of shit, because we alchemize it to gold! We already compost all our poo to create dank soil to grow plants...which become food, which becomes poo, which becomes compost, which becomes soil, which becomes more plants, and the cycle of life continues! 

We're just creating more Earth while we're getting healthier - talk about sustainability!

We hope this will inspire you to do additional research and work towards the best possible health for yourself! 

Cheers to your health & happiness!

Candida Cleanse Garden of Eden 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine

*This information is not intended to be medical advice; it is just shared research & experience.


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