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Background Information & Key Terms for Mercury Detoxing

As mentioned in our last post regarding mercury, detoxing heavy metals from the body is serious business.

Each person is different, with different genetics, internal and external environments, and various states of health, so there is no simple answer to the question "How do you detox heavy metals?"

A quick Google search will return dozens of protocol results - many of them have similar information, but usually they have at least one significant difference to set them apart. Some only utilize compounds from nature, some use processed chemical elements, and others are a combination of natural and chemical components. It is important to remember that what works for one person not only might not work for another, but could even potentially be dangerous and detrimental to health!


While you can begin natural methods of detox such as diet, herbs, and exercise at any time, no "chemical" detox protocols recommend starting a regiment while you still have amalgam fillings (AKA metal fillings, also called "silver" fillings - these are actually 50% mercury!) in your mouth, as this can be very dangerous. Additionally, if you have had a root canal, it is probable there is mercury under the crown of that tooth as well. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO MERCURY DEPOSITS OF ANY KIND before beginning any chemical protocol, and seriously consider removing them even if you want to go a natural route. 

That said, it is extremely important to do your own research!


While we are going to continue our series by reviewing tried and true detox methods from nature that have been used for decades, it is imperative that you continue to educate yourself as well as to tune into your own body. There is a LOT of information out there!!! We will cover the effective and successful natural options we have found after years of reviewing different protocols, but science continues to progress and new protocols are developed that include our expanded awareness of how the human body functions. 

As you continue researching detox protocols, here are some key terms you may find helpful:

  • Chelator - any of various compounds that combine with metals to form chelates; can include some used medically in the treatment of metal poisoning.

  • Chelates - a compound having a ring structure that usually contains a metal ion held by coordinate bonds.

  • Bind - cohere or cause to cohere in a single mass.

  • Binder - a substance that acts cohesively.

  • Poisoning - occurs when any substance interferes with normal body functions after it is swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed.

  • Detoxification - the process of removing toxic substances or qualities.

  • Diet - the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

  • Methylmercury- An inorganic agent and contaminant of seafood products synthesized in sediments from mercury and mercury-containing chemicals dumped in waters supporting marine life. Methylmercury is concentrated in aquatic life forms and can thus be deposited in fish intended for human consumption. Probable cause of Minamata disease, a teratogenic condition characterized by multiple birth defects in Japan. 

  • Half Life - when speaking of chemical compounds that make up a drug, it is the amount of time it takes before half of the active elements are either eliminated or broken down by the body.

  • Methyltetrahydrofolate Reductase - MTHFR (Gene Mutation) - There are specific genes that fit into this category that play a vital role in the methylation process your body has to help remove toxins. If some of these genes are not functioning properly, it makes it much harder to detox.

These are just a few issues to be aware of and key terms to understand before we begin a discussion of detoxing protocols. As we say, detoxing is a complicated topic, and it will be valuable to have a base understanding of some issues as well as a solid grasp of these concepts while you continue your research.

In our next post, we'll discuss some overall life supporting changes you can make NOW to aid in your detoxing journey!

Stay tuned!

We hope this will inspire you to do additional research and work towards the best possible health for yourself!

*This information is not intended to be medical advice; it is just shared research & experience.


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