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19 Things on a Leaf, Covered in Sauce

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

RECIPES from the Garden

​To reach a level of finesse in the kitchen, get to know your ingredients! Make our own fresh snack including some of the things you find in your own garden, refrigerator, or cupboard using one of our Shellie's own signature food formulas we lovingly dub "19 Things on a Leaf, Covered in Sauce"! Use more or less of any category of ingredients based on your taste preferences and the abundance you have on hand. We believe in a nice variety of flavors, colors, and textures, but a beautiful thing about this alchemy is that it is completely customizable!

Experiment with combos that appeal to you, refine your palate, and your body will be grateful!

Ingredients for inspiration:

  • Greens: hearts of romaine, kale or collards, spinach, butter lettuce, rainbow chard, arugula, lamb's quarter, beet or mustard greens

  • Cheese: sliced or shredded gouda, Monterey Jack, cheddar, havarti, crumbled feta or blue cheese

  • Fruits & veggies: thin apple or pear slices, dried cranberries or golden raisins, grape halves, mulberries, green or red onion, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, bell pepper strips, zucchini spirals, sliced cucumber, coleslaw, sprouts

  • Crunchies: slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, roasted edamame, chopped peanuts, candied pecans, crispy crumbled chips

  • Gooey & creamy: hummus, baba ganoush, guacamole, bean dip, Spiced Date Spread, egg or potato salad

  • Hearty goodness: roasted onions, sliced deli meats, roasted red peppers, shredded chicken or taco meat

  • Herbs & spices & sprinkles: thyme, oregano, basil, lemon balm, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, paprika, pink Himalayan or sea salt and ground black pepper

  • Sour, spicy, or salty surprises: kimchi or sauerkraut, pepperoncini, pickled beets, candied jalapeño, minced garlic, cayenne pepper, olives, squeeze of lemon or lime

  • Sauce: chimichurri, BBQ, Thai peanut sauce, ranch dressing, homemade mayo, hot sauce, oil & vinegar, salsa, tahini, Ginger Sesame Marinade


1. Stack up your personal mix of ingredients, layer upon layer. Customize a new creation for every bite! 2. Serve immediately!


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