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Photo Gallery:

Life at The Garden of Eden

Media & Press Coverage

of The Garden of Eden


2013 SWAT Raid

NBC DFW reported by Ben Russell

Huffington Post reported by Radley Balko

Infowars reported by Bob Tuskin

New York Daily News reported by Erik Ortiz

Dallas Observer by Eric Nicholson

Dallas Observer Cover Story by Amy Silverstein

Before It's News

Activist Post

Natural News reported by J. D. Heyes

Bob Tuskin Radio

The Inquisitr reported by David Cornell

The Raw Story reported by Arturo Garcia


Crime Blog- Dallas Morning News

Amarillo Local News

Dallas Culture Map reported by Claire St Amant

The Epoch Times reported by Zachary Stieber reported by Jacob Sloan

Conspiracy Planet

Opposing reported by Michael Allen


The Blaze by Liz Klimas

Collective Evolution

Angel Lucci Blog


Strike the Root

St Augustine News

2015 Lawsuit against the City of Arlington

NBC DFW  Local TV Channel 5 reported by Scott Gordon

Don't  Comply reported by Andre Miguel Esparza

NewsFix CW 33 reported by Elyssa Lassiter

Dallas Morning News reported by Paulina Pineda reported by Brian Doherty

Before It’s News

The Liberty Beacon 

Sun Times Network

Daily Mail

Off The Grid News

Houston Chronicle

Boston News Time

Texas 24-7 Newz


OOYUZ beta

Government Slaves reported by David Jennings

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