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The Garden of Eden

We host a variety of workshops and events every week to educate and inspire!

Join us for one or all of our events, and take home valuable skills to upgrade your life.

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If you're visiting us through an AirBnB overnight rental, you can add these experiences on to your stay to turn your getaway into a once-in-a-lifetime retreat!

You can also reserve a seat and be our drop in guest for just the event itself without staying overnight with us.

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ALL visitors and potential inhabitants are required to complete the membership process before coming through our gate. 

If you wish to attend any of our events,

please note that

The Garden of Eden

is a members only private club!



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Cob Building Workshop

Fermentation Master Class

Tuesdays 6-8 pm

Wednesdays 11 am-1 pm

Sundays 1-3 pm

$33 suggested donation

Learn to build with cob in this hands on workshop! This sustainable material is a mixture of sand, straw, clay, and water. Collect these resources from the land, and mix it up to create and repair structures from fire burning rocket stoves to earthen homes!

We will show you how to build with cob to construct useful, all natural installations in the sustainable outdoor kitchen or across our land. Get your hands muddy and create functional art straight from the Earth!

Mondays 11 am-2 pm

Wednesdays 6-9 pm

Saturdays 12-3 pm

$44 suggested donation

Learn the basics of fermentation! Depending on the day, we might make a kombucha, vinegar, or kimchi. Get a bit of background on the process and health benefits of fermented foods, then walk through the process of creation in this hands on class. Utilize seasonal produce that may be blemished, bruises, soft, or otherwise past it’s prime to make something incredibly delicious and nutritious!


Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Breathwork

Monday - Saturday 10-11 am

$15 suggested donation

This one hour ashtanga vinyasa class will also be a sustainable hot yoga practice, as we will practice outdoors in the purifying heat of the Texas summer! Unroll your mat in a comfortable spot, and begin with light meditation, stretches, and breathwork to open the body and energy channels. Stoke your power as you move through asana practice with a mix of standing, balance, seated, twist, and inversion poses. Bask in the afterglow of a successful practice and drop into deeper levels of meditation to conclude the practice.

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Custom Styling &


Saturdays 6-9 pm

$333 suggested donation

Join us in the Epic Threads Boutique to pick custom outfits for a personal photo shoot! We have a vast collection of unique vintage, handmade, and global items and will curate the perfect pieces to express your individual personality.

Next, accessorize with handmade and global pieces from Quinn's Medicinal Jewelry line! He creates necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from stones and crystals chosen for not only their beauty but also their healing properties. Use them to add depth and texture to your personalized outfits.

Polish your style with hair and make up! Bring your own beauty and cosmetic products, and get photo ready.

Next, we design a custom photo shoot just for you! Play to your heart's content in 1-3 well lit indoor or outdoor settings, and let your full expression of self shine in every layer of this co-created art! Channel your own power, rock your make over, and love it up for the camera!

We will gift you a set of digital files and a few physical prints from your custom styling and photo shoot for personal or professional use.

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Composting Master Class

Mondays 6-7 pm

Thursdays 11 am-12 pm

Saturdays 11 am-12 pm

$15 suggested donation

Build new, living EARTH in this hands on workshop!

Every step of the composting process is significant to the life cycle! Learn and experience each meaningful stage in this Composting Master Class.

In addition to physically creating compost from food scraps, yard clippings, paper waste, and other organic materials, explore the consciousness and significance of creating new life from "trash".

Enjoy a sustainable workout in the sunshine and fresh air, and come play in the dirt in the garden!

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