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Building upon a decade of success, we are now expanding to a grander scale so our sustainable homestead can provide MORE!

The Garden of Eden will expand to create Eden 2.0!

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Garden of Eden flower.png
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Anything is possible!




enough of


  • We enjoy a negative zero carbon footprint.

  • We save 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill annually.

  • We feed 40,000 free meals a year. 

  • We have housed hundreds of individuals and educated tens of thousands through our workshops, classes, retreats, blogs, videos and other online media. 

  • We invest all proceeds from our operations right back into building a healthier world for ALL! 

  • We achieved amazingly low living costs of $1/day per person

  • We offer beyond organic goods produced on our land as well as a line of honorable products to generate revenue to fund our humanitarian works and social outreach = we earn all of the proceeds to keep our operation in flow with no corporate sponsorship, government outreach, or private benefactors.

  • No one at The Garden of Eden has an outside job, and there are no outside wages coming in.

  • We do not buy food or shop at stores.

  • We have spent LESS THAN $100K in our 10 years of operating as an intentional community > now just imagine what we could do with $500K or $1 million!

And we do it all with just a handful of volunteers on only 3.37 acres in the very belly of the beast - Arlington, TX - despite extreme opposition from the local municipality.

Everything we have accomplished has been due to our visionary leader, Quinn Eaker, our full time live-in core volunteers, and to the private individuals whose smaller contributions of volunteer time or purchases amount to a great deal of support. 

Here in The Garden of Eden, we have achieved what we consider to be wonderful success on

both the social and ecological fronts:

Learn more about the sustainable solutions for all aspects of life including food, housing, health, and more that we have been living for a decade:

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Garden of Eden (6).png





Building upon our sustainable success, it's time for The Garden of Eden to scale up.

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is Eden 2.0?


A Full Spectrum Life Support System Including:

  • Housing in an array of options

  • Food production systems

  • Renewable Energy generation

  • Sustainable waste management 

  • Sustainable drinking and gray water systems

​With Community Facilities for:

  • Recreation

  • Education

  • Wellness

  • Culture 

  • Commerce

Quinn KNOWS that humanity has the potential to live HEALTHY, ABUNDANT, ENJOYABLE lives in HARMONY with their natural environment and with one another. 


The dream is to make that life obvious and available to as many people as possible!

will it be?

  • Our ideal place is lush and green, with fresh air, clean high quality water, and vast expanses of pristine nature 

  • A large contiguous piece of land, initially utilizing 50 acres, eventually up to 1000 acres

  • A climate that is conducive to an abundant natural lifestyle, growing food, and to low energy requirements

  • A local political environment friendly to sustainable building methods and living practices

  • A temperate climate that is conducive to ease, comfort, and abundance


Finding beautiful, fertile land is easy -

Finding beautiful, fertile political climates is the challenge.


Garden of Eden Founder and Director Quinn Eaker has a vision:

To create fully self-sufficient sustainable eco-communities in a variety of global locations and in a range of climates to 

1. SHARE paradise on Earth with others who are ready to live at that level.

2. SHOW the world that paradise on Earth CAN be done anywhere.


Garden of Eden flower_edited_edited_edit


will it happen?

While there are multiple phases for for this extensive project, research and development for Eden 2.0 is underway!

We are scouting locations and assembling extended "boots on the ground" teams to engage negotiations. 

Investment opportunities are open!

Garden of Eden flower_edited_edited_edit
Garden of Eden flower_edited_edited.png

will be part of it?


  • ​Core Team: Quinn Eaker,
    Shellie Smith, and Sara Miller, with support from The Eden Knights

  • Investors

  • Residents

  • Volunteers

will we do it?

Every aspect of this community development will be planned, designed, and constructed with the primary focus on true, long-term sustainability. We consider ecological impact in every facet of construction and community living.

Our goal is to have a  carbon footprint of less than 0. We will exceed the sustainability standards set at our first ecovillage in Arlington, TX. We will not only preserve, but improve the natural environment around us. 


We would love to see The Garden of Eden 

continue to serve & support the local community!

We are calling for investors and supporters who want to maintain sustainable and humanitarian standards here in the DFW area. We would like to see:

1. A family, individual, or organization inspired to invest in this property to continue this project,

2. An investor who would like to support Quinn's continued management of The Garden of Eden while developing Eden 2.0,


3. A buyer for the property who will enable us to leverage this asset towards building on it success on a much grander scale as Eden 2.0

Interested supporters can contact us to explore mutually beneficial exchanges!
Phone: 817-330-4118

Inspiration Gallery for Eden 2.0:

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