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Do you trust your health, your family's health, and potentially your lives to a corporation, or to individuals who have devoted their lives to serving and helping others for over a decade?

YOU are much more than just a credit card number to us - we care about YOU - the individual! 

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 15+ years!

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Upgrading people's health for

Herbs & Spices

Nature crafts the most primo medicines, and we seek to remind you of these roots!

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With a depth of flavor almost as extensive as its incredible health benefits, our

SWEET TROPICAL SPICY SAUCE was created from a unique alchemy of hibiscus flowers(!!!), orange, chili powder, raisins, lime, and sea salt. It is sure to not only excite your taste buds, but also to upgrade your wellness!

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Benefits of DILL WEED

  • ​Antimicrobial

  • Immune booster

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antioxidant

  • Disinfectant

  • Boosts immune system

  • Relaxant

  • Supports oral health

  • Anti-congestion

  • Contains flavonoids and monoterpenes

  • Anti-arthritis

  • Anti-diabetes

  • Antispasmodic

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CRANBERRY CHIPOTLE SAUCE combines tangy cranberry, smoky chipotle, and some of our high vibe herbs and spices for a winning creation that is just as absolutely awesome with BBQ, chicken, pork, turkey, beef, and salmon as it is with brie, pizza, squash, sweet potatoes, samosas, you name it! We even pour it on our hot apple pie!!


is a blend of apple cider vinegar, chili peppers, toasted sesame oil and seeds, garlic, lime, ginger, kelp, mushroom, and sea salt. Dress up your dishes with this wonderful, exotic sauce to be the talk of the town!

garden of eden high vibe health ginger sesame marinade.jpeg

GINGER SESAME MARINADE makes a marvelous marinade, delicious dip, and delectable dressing! We love it as a great stand-alone condiment and also as a component for a number of recipes.

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MAPLE TONIC is a botanical beverage and mixer made with maple syrup, lemon and lime juice, and quinine extract. Some of this elixir's health benefits include anti-inflammatory properties andcardiovascular & immune system support!

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You can tell our SMOOTH ALMOND BUTTER has no additives, stabilizers, or homogenizers (just roasted almonds & sea salt!), because it will naturally separate to reveal a thick layer of good-for-you almond oil at the top - just stir it back in for ultra healthy spreadable wonderfulness! You can also store the jar upside down from time to time to minimize this normal and natural separation.

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Our delicious


has all the yummy goodness of dates blended with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger! Spread it on all your favorite treats, incorporate into savory dishes, or enjoy straight out of the jar!

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Our HONEY is not only RAW, but it is enhanced with plant based TERPENES that contribute even more power to your wellness! Terpenes are a class of chemicals that naturally occur in flowers, plants, and even insects and animals. Terpenes are important bioactive organic aromatic compounds with a variety of benefits, including balancing the nervous system - which can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and even pain.

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garden of eden high vibe health agave mixer.jpg

AGAVE is used as a sugar substitute and has a low glycemic index (GI). Low GI foods help control blood sugar! Agave also contains B vitamins, which support metabolism and cardiovascular health, improve immunity, and are vital to growing a baby during pregnancy. With levels of vitamin K as well, it can also help combat depression!

With the tomato base and addition of chile peppers, garlic, sea salt, cayenne pepper, and other seasonings in our KIMCHI SRIRACHA KETCHUP, there is tons of nutritional value in this yummy condiment!

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Our organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free MILD TACO SAUCE is a delicious condiment for much more than just tacos - use it to add a flavorful pop and healthy boost to countless dishes!

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We especially love our 



We enjoy them as condiments at almost every meal, and even take them straight as shots to reap numerous health benefits of spicy peppers:

  • Enhances nutrient absorption

  • Stimulates blood circulation and regulates blood pressure

  • Supports weight loss and fat metabolism

  • Clears phlegm and mucus

  • Promotes health of circulatory and cardiovascular wellness

  • Slows skin damage and aging process

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Analgesic

  • Aids digestion and gut health

  • Enhances eye health

  • Anti-fungal

  • Antiviral

We have 5 varieties on offer, with more coming very soon:






Try one of each!

Learn more about spicy peppers on our Hot Sauce & Chile Peppers pages!

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. We take pride in this fact!

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