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Do you trust your health, your family's health, and potentially your lives to a corporation, or to individuals who have devoted their lives to serving and helping others for over a decade?

YOU are much more than just a credit card number to us - we care about YOU - the individual! 

We share dedicated research & access to effective healing therapies

- because knowing your options for restoring & protecting health & wellness is important.  

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BEMER Sessions

 10+ years!

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Upgrading people's health for

BEMER is an FDA registered Class I medical device backed by over two decades of research and development. As an innovative clinical and home-based therapy option, it can significantly benefit people of all ages! 

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We offer BEMER sessions at our location in Arlington, TX, at shows and festivals, and can arrange private consultations in your home or business too!


BEMER therapy sessions last 20 minutes at The Garden of Eden! You simply relax fully clothed on the full-body BEMER mat while it does its work quietly.

In addition to the mat, small applicators can be used on any part of the body of concern that may need extra focus. 

A session can be very relaxing, and you are welcome to meditate or even nap while receiving the BEMER waves! 


BEMER Benefits:

  • Improved health

  • Anti-aging

  • Pain relief

  • Beauty

  • Speedier recovery

  • Improved cognitive function and mental focus

  • Enhanced performance

  • Prevention

  • Reduced stress

  • Concentration

  • Mental acuity

  • Relaxation

  • Detox

  • Circulation

  • Cardiac function

  • Physical fitness

  • Energy & endurance

  • Strength 

  • Improved sleep

Enhance Beauty with BEMER

I have been using the B.Light [BEMER light attachment] on my turkey neck on Intensity 10 for 8 minutes twice a day for a month now and it has improved by about 60%. You can also hold it about a finger-width away from your face so it covers a larger area. ~ Cindi F.

I used the B.Light for a friend with Rosacea and it worked great! We started her on a lower Intensity (maybe an Intensity 5, I was being cautious) but then gradually moved up to Intensity 10 by the time we had done 10 sessions—along with basic BEMER sessions on the B.Body mat. She was very pleased with the results. ~ Stacy K.

I like to B Light at Intensity 10 for 8 minutes. I slowly move it clockwise around my face. It helps with my complexion.  ~ Dan G.

You can hold the light about 4-6 inches away and use it on your entire face or place it over a closed eye. I had a client that used it on her eyelid to clear up a cyst.  ~ LaNett K.

After using the B.Spot, the B.Light on the skin penetrates deeper into the body, further relieving inflammation and discomfort.  ~ Mary A.

I used the B.Light for a friend with Rosacea and it worked great! We started her on a lower Intensity (maybe an Intensity 5, I was being cautious) but then gradually moved up to Intensity 10 by the time we had done 10 sessions—along with basic BEMER sessions on the B.Body mat. She was very pleased with the results. ~ Stacy K.

I'm getting results with the wrinkles around my mouth and am seeing a lightening of dark spots on my face. ~ Judy B.

Whether you compete on a professional level or play sports for fun, performance and recovery are an essential part of daily life, and BEMER can help. The body’s circulatory system ensures our survival by facilitating metabolism in every cell, and our circulation plays a crucial role in maintaining self-regulatory mechanisms (homeostasis). Blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the cells in exchange for carbon dioxide to be removed as waste. Cells rely on the blood to deliver and remove the products they need in order to perform their essential functions. With routine use of BEMER, one may improve general blood flow, resulting in optimized performance and recovery. 

Improve Athletic Performance with BEMER


I have been using the BEMER for about 4 months now and it has significantly improved my sleep and energy level. I use it every night in sleep mode which helps me sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rejuvenated. I used to wake up feeling tired like I needed more sleep. I also use the BEMER before I work out and it gives me a boost of energy which motivates me to train at a higher intensity. ~ Laila Ali, Health & Wellness Advocate and Former World Champion Boxer

I’ve been using BEMER for the last 6 months, and whether it’s working out in the gym, running a 6-hour camp, or playing an 8-hour tournament, I’ve seen a huge difference in my overall recovery. I feel like the improved blood [flow] allows me to be fresh the next day … plus it allows me to sleep better and I feel sharper in the morning. ~ Tyson McGuffin, World's Top Ranked Pickleball Player

In September 2018, I set the World Record for the fastest human on a bicycle at 183.9mph, using the BEMER as an integral part of my daily preparation. In September 2019, I plan to break another World Record in cycling. I use my BEMER each night while I sleep, and on specific programs during the day to help give me maximum performance, recovery and rest. The microcirculatory benefits of the BEMER help me go above and beyond in my training. ~ Denise Korenek, Professional Cyclist & 2-time Guinness World Book Record Holder

I take BEMER on the road with me when I travel to golf tournaments, and it has really helped with overuse of my body and everyday aches. When I’m home, I keep the B.Body on my bed to use the sleep mode each night, which allows me to get more restful sleep and I have more energy the next day. It definitely helps me move through life a little bit better. ~ Fred Funk, Professional golfer with 8 wins on the PGA Tour and 9 wins on the PGA Tour Champions


Whether I’m practicing on the field or training in the gym, my job is physically demanding every single day and using BEMER helps me recover quickly to avoid injury and be game-ready each week. ~ Ben Garland, Professional Football Player, San Francisco 49ers

Every day we train these horses very hard, and I need them feeling in tip-top shape for their competitions and next day’s training. I can’t begin to tell you how much improvement I’ve found with BEMER. It really helps with their recovery and circulation and it’s really made a difference. ~ Boyd Martin, Professional equestrian and two-time Olympian & Gold Medalist at the Pan American Games

As a professional triathlete, my body is subject to enormous stress because I swim, bike, and run for over 30 hours every week. Having quality recovery is the only way I can sustain this lifestyle and and keep my immune system from crashing. My BEMER is a critical tool in my recovery protocol — it not only improves microcirculation to help repair tissue damage from training, but is probably also good for my bone health. I take it with me everywhere. ~ Leslie Paterson, Five-time off-road triathlon world champion, endurance coach

In daily riding, recovery is [important], but in Race Across America, recovery is everything. Riding with BEMER helped us recover 5-10% better. You felt it the next day—you’d get on your bike and you had power in your legs, energy and mental awareness. There’s a big difference when you’re running on BEMER. ~ Team BEMER, Professional cyclist team
In 2018 Team BEMER set both the land speed and time record for RAAM (8-Person Category)

A BEMER is a great addition to massage, yoga, or chiropractic services!


BEMER uses a complex patented waveform (the BEMER signal) that is transported into the body via a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), resulting in increased blood flow in the smallest blood vessels that constitute 74% of your circulatory system. It thus enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to every cell, leading to a vast improvement of a wide variety of conditions. 

Of the 11 systems in your body (such as your nervous system, digestive system, lymphatic system, immune system, respiratory system, and muscular system), the one bodily system that nourishes and helps restore every other system is the circulatory system. This is where the BEMER signal has its potent effect! 

The more efficiently your blood flows, the more efficiently your body works!

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Proper blood flow is vital to life!

The body's circulatory system ensures the survival of the organism by facilitating metabolism in each and every cell. This helps maintain self-regulatory mechanisms.
First, blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the cells and exchanges it for car-bon dioxide to be removed as waste.
Second, it transports nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, or proteins from the digestive tract to the individual tissues where they can be consumed, processed, or stored as needed. 
The resultant metabolic waste products are then transported to other tissues and finally to the excretory organs such as the kidneys and colon. In addition, blood distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules.
The human body's circulatory system is essential for providing the raw material needed for energy production as well as physical and mental performance. Cells rely on the blood to deliver and remove what they need in order to perform their essential functions. 
BEMER increases the body's ability to circulate blood and nutrients, significantly improving capillary action.

BEMER's proprietary waveform (called the BEMER signal) is based on a special wave shape originally patented in 1998 by Dr. Wolf A. Kafka of the University of Munich who had a career at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. The BEMER signal is protected by five international patents. 

Over two decades of research and development have led to the design of a multi-dimensional sinusoidal BEMER signal with very specific and highly effective modulations of amplitude and frequency; the most diverse and frequent signal of any PEMF product on the market-resulting in far more effective and longer lasting benefits. 

BEMER's effectiveness has been validated by articles in over 50 medical publications, and over 600 general publications on BEMER technology's use (not just generic PEMF devices) in scientific research. 

BEMER has been used by over 1 million people in 40+ countries; is used and endorsed by wortd-class athletes including Olympic medalists and world champions; is in use in thousands of clinics and tens of thousands of homes; and has gained the attention of NASA, which signed a cooperative agreement with the company. 

Over 4000 physicians, clinics, and universities in Europe use and endorse the BEMER.

NASA signed a cooperation agreement with BEMER for the joint development of a "Prototype Countermeasure Garment for Enhancing Microcirculation" for use during space missions.

The BEMER is used by world-class athletes, including numerous Olympic medalists and world champions. 



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NOTE: BEMER products are in no way a substitute for medical care. There are no medical claims being made from the use of these products, and any statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions or diseases. Please consult with your own physician or health care provider if you have any medical concerns. 

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