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Asian inspirations

Highlighting the exotic flavors of the Far East, we create a tantalizing twist on Asian cuisine!

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Here at the Garden of Eden, we love to indulge in the flavors of Asian cuisine prepared in our outdoor sustainable kitchen. Imagine grilled meats marinated in chilies, ginger, and orange sauce, hot fluffy rice with the scent of lemongrass and garlic - fulfill your Asian desires!

In this experience, you’ll enjoy our classic fresh garden salad with a spring roll to get you started. Hold out your plate for your hot entree from our pit grill - imagine crispy skin surrounding moist, succulent meat scented with the flavors of smoky pecan wood, or hearty vegetables flame charred with decadent spices and herbs. Whether you’re a meat lover or vegan, this entree is sure to leave you satisfied. Our savory soup paired with a beautiful Rainbow Fried Rice rounds out this meal perfectly. Don’t get too full, because our dessert will tempt you.

This is where we take you to the next level of shameless, over-the-top flavors. For your final course, we have Rice Pudding Steamed with Fresh & Plum Wine Infused Fruits, drizzled with Coconut Cream Pudding. Imagine listening to the crackling sound of the fire in the crisp evening air while you sip our freshly harvested beyond organic, wildcrafted herbal tea and feast upon this delectable dessert.

Fresh Garden Salad and Topping Bar

Shock your palate with the true and surprising flavors of a large variety of fresh greens in your own beyond organic salad.  Enjoy with a plethora of other vegetables, herbs and artisan salad surprises, including homemade artisan vinegars from our Uber Dank Pantry and a variety of handcrafted dressings.  Every bite is a unique experience of its own, as diners are wowed by the intensity and different flavors of green, and individual bite combinations!

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Raw Spring Roll

Hand filled with crisp seasonal fresh veggies, wrapped in rice papers and served raw.  Splash on a little traditional soy sauce or try some of our designer dips and sauces.

Grilled Marinated Satay Meats or Vegetables in our Favorite Spices

Expect to experience any combination of ginger, star anise, orange, chilis, fenugreek, curry, cloves, coriander, chives or lemongrass to flavor your meat or vegetarian selection served on a stick and grilled over fire. Meat possibilities are beef, chicken, pork, or fish.  Vegan and Vegetarian options may be any combination of carrots, squash, eggplant, pumpkin, peppers, or our sweet garden onions, marinated overnight, then grilled to perfection.

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Rainbow Fried Rice

Hot, sauteed Asian Rice with our own rainbow of vegetables is cooked in authentic yummy herbs and spices of the East, then folded together with scrambled egg.  Spoon it into your Spicy Asian Soup for the full effect.

Spicy Asian Soup

This pleasant and savory soup is brothy and innocent looking. But don’t be fooled--it’s packed full of solid flavor, though still mild enough to pair perfectly with our Rainbow Fried Rice. Enjoy the full impact of this zen hug.

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Rice Pudding Steamed with Fresh & Plum Wine Infused Fruit then Drizzled with Coconut Cream Pudding

Open your mouth wide. You’ll want all these flavors in one bite, but then you'll want another and another. Imagine Rice pudding steamed with plum wine plumped dried fruits, then baked to perfection with the natural sweetness of bananas, sweet potatoes, or mangoes. Watch as our chef pours freshly prepared yummy Coconut Pudding over it all. Sprinkled with chopped nuts and topped with more fruit. Relax with your dessert while you sip on a great cup of our beyond organic, wildcrafted, hand harvested herbal tea.

While you are part of the world renowned

Garden of Eden vortex, please enjoy our:


Garden Fresh Herbal Infused Water

Refresh your palate with garden fresh, herbal infused water made just for you. Cultivated and wildcrafted herbs supercharge and structure our drinking water! We add a seasonal bouquet of fresh foliage for dense nutrients and tantalizing flavor.​


Beyond Organic, Wildcrafted Herbal Tea

Lemon balm and mint are great for digestion.  That’s why we always serve a hot cup of herbal tea to enjoy with your dessert. Relaxing and satisfying.


Our Own Signature Superfood Eden Infused Cocktails, Beer, and Wine

When you make a $10 donation to Upcycling, we gift you an Upcycled glass with 3 free, spirited drinks!

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