Uber Dank 
~*~ High Vibe Cuisine ~*~ 
If you like to feast upon delicious inspired dishes made from the highest quality ingredients
money CAN'T buy, prepared in HIGH aspect sustainability, this is the option for you~
Uber Dank High Vibe Cuisine is more mouthgasmic, thriving, and sustainable than 99% of all food you can buy*
Quinn has been creating delicious food with a passion for MANY years.
He grew up in a household where 99% of the food that was eaten out at restaurants was not as tasty as at home.
One day, years later, while in the Garden of Eden, we were enjoying a particularly DELICIOUS feast
which he had of course prepared, our eyes were closed in the enjoyment of the moment, and
he uttered, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this is UBER DANK!”
Thus the name for our high vibe cuisine was born~
Uber Dank is quite a play on words, so a little explanation is beneficial.
Uber is West coast slang meaning "over the top" or "extraordinary."
Uber is also a German word meaning "super," basically the same thing.
Dank is West coast slang morphed into the meaning of "high quality," mostly pertaining to consumables. 
Dank is also a German word meaning "overflowing gratitude."*
So, as you can see, these words ALMOST do our food justice, hahahaha
There are two magical key elements to the dankness of UD High Vibe Cuisine~
1.  We utilize the highest quality ingredients from the garden as the basis for our dishes *
2. We do not use recipes, but create each dish from an inspired connection to creative
flow. So each dish is a masterpiece potentially never recreated again.
The formless ingredient of love is experienced
like an exotic spice not found in 99% of all restaurants*
Our menu is constantly changing as the produce in our garden is changing. Every
ingredient is not from the garden as we prepare WORLD flava cuisine.
Yet every dish is inspired and based on an ingredient in the garden.
Because the GOE is a vortex for feasting of epic proportion, we have attracted a handful
of people who bring Uber Dank flava to the table with inspiration and love.
Depending on the day/event, the chef may change, but the
foundation of consciousness for each dish is Uber Dank~*~
We cater events, host private groups, and are open for select special events.
We do not have regular business hours as food is a passion, not a job!
This ensures the true quality of our food with the number one ingredient being LOVE~*~
We also provide a service known as Uber Dank 8 Days a Week~
This is where we prepare a menu of foods in bulk quantity and people can pick up
pre-made food for their day, week or gathering of choice.
The larger quantity and longer period of time pre-ordered, the better the pricing.
What we do guarantee is that our food is much more flavorFULL and sustainable than
any pre-made food available in any store such as Whole Foods, etc or available
from any "to go" food service ANYWHERE
 Noncorporate chains cannot compare to the sustainable dankness available here
nor do small family home operations.
Our prices are more than fair for the quality
of this conscious cuisine and is ALL supported by our
money BACK guarantee!
All of our free and paid events are catered by Uber Dank High Vibe Cuisine. Check out our Events Calendar!
Uber Dank Testimonials~
"The food was wonderful, the hospitality immeasurable, awesome ambiance and entertainment. It
was a wonderful experience that I will be repeating soon. Thank you for having me."
"Tonight was amazing. Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into your circle. The food was incredible,
but the people and atmosphere were the best part!  I will for sure be back! :)"
"My mouth is experiencing rolling mouthgasms in a bed of dankness!"